Struggle and hope: A poem (Working title)


Written for a colleague:

Struggle and hope: A poem (Working title)

When darkness flows all around,
When dim is sight and sound,
All it takes to break the night,
A single candle, set alight.

Silver linings in dark clouds above,
Diamonds in gritty coal below,
From great strife can come great life,
Like a bird’s struggle before first flight.

Johnathan Sia (C) 2016

Likely (fake) Kuala Lumpur branding discussion

Likely (fake) Kuala Lumpur branding discussion

DBKL: We want to show the old charms of KL.

Design firm: Ok. There’s a great font for that.

DBKL: But we also want to show the new

Design firm: Boleh. Can do contrasting fonts.

DBKL: And we also want to show off our asianness

Design firm: Boleh boleh. There’s a font for that too.

DBKL: Bagus

[Design work completed, approved, and released to the public]

Rakyat: Oo

Life in the UK test 2016

A couple of months ago, I had to pass the Life in the UK test as part of my application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (which was ultimate successful, yay!).

After the test, I immediately wrote down as many questions as I could remember. I invite you, dear reader, to have a stab at answering these questions.

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A poetic tribute to Satoru Iwata

Bound by earth no longer you are,
Gone to regions we know not where,
A season too long, a place too far,
Leaving behind much precious fare.

We treasure your love for yellow fruit,
Your Peppy nature,
Your mellow mood.

(C) Johnathan Sia 2015

Your passing from this earth was too sudden, too quick. Your contributions to Nintendo and indeed, to the rest of the world are incalculable Iwata-san. Rest in peace. May you be surrounded by your creations.

Satoru Iwata, CEO, Nintendo, 1959-2015

On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.
– Satoru Iwata, speaking at the Game Developers Conference in 2005

A father’s heart – how parenthood changes how you view things

I watch my child grow and as a father I wonder if I can protect her from all the dangers the world poses. The drugs, the alcohol, porn, violence, bullying, the list of things that can hurt her seem endless. Sometimes I wonder how I might react if she lost a limb or an eye in an accident. How will I react then? How will we react as a family then?

I have fatherly fears, hopes, and wishes. I hope my daughter will grow up to be a graceful, independent, strong woman but I know that means an interesting growing up phase.

I want to tell my daughter that cuts and bruises will heal. That words will too, after a time. Sometimes after a season. I want to teach her how to bounce back. How to take life’s hits and get up stronger. To get back better. If she faces bullying I want to be there to hold her, to teach her how to handle it, to say she’s not alone.

I want to build a protective bubble over her so nothing can hurt her but I know that’s foolishness. That very act will be one that stunts her growth and lead to resentment.

As a father, I never see onscreen father daughter interactions the same way I did before the joys of fatherhood. Even seeing younger characters portrayed on screen brings different reactions to me. It’s a story being played out. The character’s story. Written by writers of varying degrees of talent.

My child will have her own story. Written by her own hand. Directed by her own heart. But guided by the love of her father and mother. That much is certain.

This father’s day, I can only think about my late stepfather

This morning was an interesting time… While the part about waking up was pretty normal with the sounds of a boisterous and very awake 1.5 year old baby girl acting as my alarm, the rest of the morning wasn’t.

Oh I wished people happy fathers day as usual and dug out last year’s poem to share again since I couldn’t quite work out a new one in time that I was happy with, but something was missing. Or rather, someone. My late stepfather. Someone whom I had at least made an effort to get to know despite his rather sudden entry into my life when he proposed to my mother 5 years ago.

I miss his dearly. When I was sharing the poem and wishing other people happy father’s day, I thought of him and how I’d never get to wish him happy father’s day again until the day we meet in heaven. I only knew him for a few moments but those moments impacted my heart greatly.

Lou Dao, I will make you proud of me. Your death has to mean something despite the suddenness and speed of the heart attack that took your life.