Wii fitness – day 1

After work, went for 30 min brisk walk with Jo, though she was really lethargic and tired she still gamely joined me in the walk. We actually had a grand time walking around our apartment area and enjoying the cool evening breeze and the fresh air around us. It was quite invigorating. After that we had to quickly change and rush off for cell group. By the time we came back from cell, it was about midnight and I was strongly advised against doing wii sports for exercise for tonight… esp since Jo wanted to watch TV 🙂 Well.. I guess I can postpone Wii-ing til the next day. After all, I did go through a 30min brisk walk.

  • Time spent in Wii Sports – 0 mins
  • Time spent doing exercise – 30 mins
  • Diet for the day – Poor. Nasi Lemak with Daging Rendang in the morning followed by Thai Fried Rice for lunch. Had nothing for dinner and drank a lot of water. For cell group supper had several slices of guava and took a couple of cut pieces of ‘Tao Sa Kuay’ (Fried flour with red bean filling).

Check my progress at jsty3105.traineo.com


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