Wii Fitness Programme – DAy 2

Still haven’t managed to get any gaming time in for Wii Sports but I guess what I did instead helped to make up for it.

Futsal – 1 hour

Today’s diet: Had a club sandwich in the morning which sustained me til after lunch but at around tea time I was getting quite hungry, so I ate an orange and took a walk down to the fruit shop near my office to buy a couple of apples to eat. Had a Nescafe Energo Guarana as well to perk me up as I was feeling sleepy. Also picked up a bag of Fox Mints to help keep me awake at work.

Still quite disciplined with my diet, even when my wife had a major craving for McDonald’s Prosperity Burger… She had a real hankering for the burger unfortunately, the outlet at Ikano area only sold the Prosperity foldover and she doesn’t likefoldovers at all… feels they are roti canai… hokay… She ended up having a Whopper Black Pepper instead. So here I am, doing my best to discipline myself and chronicle my progress while waiting for my eggs to boil properly til they’re half boiled. Bit tricky coz I’m 13 floors above ground so I think that affected the timing a bit as even after 5 mins, they still weren’t even close to being done. even when I close the lid and make sure the eggs are completely submerged in water. Oh well.. by the time I post this, they should be done…


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