Wii fitness – stalled

*sigh* efforts in fitness has stalled. Roughly 2 weeks after my initial declaration, it got so hard to get up every morning to play (how ironic) Wii Sports. Am eagerly the arrival of Wii Fit to help bump up my efforts again. Partly, I’d say I kinda feel I’m going through this alone… kinda a ‘me against the world’ kind of thing… I see 65kgs and I see the line is so far off… my cash flow situation isn’t helping me very much since proper food does cost a fair bit and cooking at home is a rarity though me and the missus do try to make it more regular…

I picked up a new program 3 weeks back, My Health Coach, for the DS which comes with a pedometre… brilliant stuff! That’s kinda helped me want to get back on track and just complete the challenges that the program sets out for me. Ran into a problem with my routine when I discovered it wasn’t effective to update my progress just before bed as the game is linked to my system clock and once I get past midnight – it’s a brand new day already…

Another thing I wanted to do recently was to do 30 mins of physical activity (be it walking or running or something like that) a day in addition to whatever I do in the day including futsal… and in order to do that I need to wake up at 630am each day… that’s mighty tough when I haven’t been able to get out of bed at 7am yet..


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