All joy in Malaysia as authorities FINALLY get tough with mat rempits

The Star: MCPF hails move to seize m-bikes

I think the almost the whole of Malaysia (bar the 90% of motorcyclists who flout the law in various ways) is happy about this move.

Top ten offences normally committed by motorcyclists:

  1. Failure to observe own safety – normally resulting in danger to everyone else except the rider him / herself.
  2. Drive(?) without a helmet
  3. Too young to use a motorcycle
  4. Treating the bike like a car and fitting >2 peeps on one standard 2-seater
  5. Broken / non-functional tail-light
  6. Broken / non-functional head-light
  7. Broken / non-functional head and tail-lights
  8. Treating the bike like a BMX with an engine
  9. Having babies on the bike. These are your kids!!! Don’t you know that even a small fall can seriously injure your kid?!?
  10. Harrassing other road users and scaring the daylights out of women and the elderly. My wife was bullied by a bunch of them before… I found it hard not to hate them.

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