OMG Nintendo – VC: Nobunaga’s Ambition review

Virtual Console: Nobunaga’s Ambition review

Loved this game when I played it in the 80s though I prefer the sequel over it. Much of the difficulty level is scaled according to which daimyo (ruler) you’ve chosen. Choose a powerful one with more land and armies and you’ll have an easier time. The thing I like best about this game is that you’re able to complete the game with ANY ruler at ANY difficulty setting.

In Nobunaga’s Ambition II, I managed to win the game with each of the available daimyos, even the weakest one (who gets regularly slaughtered by the AI at about turn 6 due to the extreme inadequacy of its army). I think I did an FAQ for my local newspaper at around 1989 but I can’t really recall that since it was so long ago. I know that I did write a full FAQ but just am not sure whether I submitted it for publication or not. One of the key loopholes in the game is that you can manipulate the market conditions and the amount of tax you charge your fief. I used to charge my ‘people’ exorbitant tax rates of 50% and by investing large sums into development, their happiness level would quickly rise to 100 again. It was a win-win situation for me and really helps you to succeed at the highest difficulty levels with the weakest daimyos.

Can’t wait for Nobunaga’s Ambition II and the rest of KOEI’s stable to come to the VC again…

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