A (possible) home for freelance writers

The Renegade Writer Blog

I think somewhere along the line about 2 years back, I found that there had to be a better way than waking up early each day to get to the office and work for someone else. Contributing most of your time and energy towards the betterment of their business and getting rewarded at the end of each month with an envelope with numbers in it, ostensibly to increase the amount in the bank account. But it’s tiring stuff and can often be unrewarding. Especially if you’ve just had a shitty day and been misunderstood by your boss (we’ve ALL had that at least ONCE in our careers).

Well.. I thought…. why do I have to travel to get shat on? When I do it from the comforts of my home? I’m not naive to think that the world of writing is all rosy and I won’t get misunderstood… in fact, that’ll probably happen more than if I was sitting behind a desk in my own cubicle area enjoying the freezing air conditioning.

Over the past few years, I’ve begun a journey towards a time when I can safely go into writing full-time and still be able to pay the bills and put healthy food on the table (maggi mee does not count as food…). I’m pleased to say that during that time, I’ve succeeded in getting a 4-page article published in a magazine called Max-IT. Since then… I admit I’ve slacked a lot and gone off the boil.. over the past several months I’ve still been getting ideas but the words aren’t flowing off my fingers. And that’s discouraging. As a writer, it’s actually very painful to sit at the keyboard and grind out words. Other writers will be able to relate to what I’m experiencing. My writing was just so dry and so stale and so…. boring..

Some books I’ve read recommended writing my way out of this slump and well, that’s what I’m trying to do. To rediscover my old flair and ease of writing, turning the pages before me into my own private canvas as I paint scenarios, emotions, and people into what I hope turn out to be mini-masterpieces.

As I continue writing in this blog as my own therapy, I’ll continue posting up old articles of mine that have been published. Partly to share with my friends and other peeps that might stumble on this site, but mostly, to encourage myself to take things to the next level. Each article, I remember the positive feedback I’ve received from various people. People with experience and have seen and read a lot of different kinds of writing. One which sticks to my mind the most is a compliment from a business journalist in The Star. She said that I wrote better than any of the writers they had on staff. Now that was a compliment that really meant something to me. I carry that quote to encourage me as I go through this dry spell.

And not only that, I now can visit this blog called, The Renegade Writer Blog to refer to for ideas, encouragement, and information about the freelance writing industry.


2 thoughts on “A (possible) home for freelance writers

  1. Keep hustlin’ on the writing front. It’s always tough when the words don’t flow or the organization just isn’t where it feels right. Sometimes you starve, then you’ll gorge. The same’ll happen for writing except instead of taking in, you’ll be putting out.

    • Cheers ksewell! Thanks for the encouragement… I’ll certainly continue writing and hopefully soon I’ll exit this barren spell and enter an oasis..

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