Just did an amazingly stupid thing in the shower

I was having a late night shower just now when my brain decided on my actions faster than my body could make sense of then. Imagine this… you’re having your shower. And you’ve already gotten your body nice and clean so naturally, you reach for the shampoo to start washing your hair… only thing was, that I reached for the shampoo and thought about washing my hair, then almost immediately thought about washing my face with the facial soap stuff.

However, the shampoo was still cupped nicely in my hands as I brought it to my face and started washing my face with shampoo! It took a few seconds to realise that something was quite wrong – luckily I still had enough shampoo for my hair … lol… and since I was using one of those shampoos that advertises itself as being ice cool, my face felt pretty minty after that!


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