Incoming new phone – LG Secret K750! :)

LG Secret KF750 Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone

I’ve been itching to use my 6,000+ bonus points I’ve earned over my time as a DiGi postpaid user and finally saw something worth redeeming my points for – the LG Secret K750…. Actually I would have liked to hold to my points until a true smartphone arrived but I’m now at a stage where I get a hundred points or so expiring at the end of each month so it’ll get harder to maintain my points at 6,000. I’ll post a review later once I get my hands on the phone. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the Secret. LG_Secret_K750_02

Super slim and sexyLG_Secret_K750_01

2 thoughts on “Incoming new phone – LG Secret K750! :)

    • *sniff* *sniff* I checked the fine print later and it said that the phones were on a first come first served basis… so I guess I’ll have to wait til the next redemption. Hopefully I’ll still have enough bonus points coz I’m currently hovering around the 6000 point mark and I’m haemmoraging points each month (points have a 3-year lifespan after which they expired on a FIFO basis)…

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