Pet hates

Contrary to the title, I’m not a pet hater (Ha! I kill myself – Look up A.L.F somewhere….)

– Hearing the word ‘shordy’.
– Listening to Sean Kingston ‘singing’.
– The song ‘Diva’ by Beyonce (or is it Sasha Fierce?)
– Fellow apartment dwellers who use the lift area as their garbage dump
– Feeling exhausted after football training
– 36+ degree heat
– Keeping something in a safe place only to find that it’s so safe I can’t find the place anymore.
– chasing long ball, after long ball, after long ball.
– Hair that’s too long on me
– Motorcyclists that care for no-one. Not even themselves. Or their babies.
– Motorcyclists going the wrong way on the road.
– Motorcyclists using the pedestrian walkways as their own roads


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