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Over the weekend I went to the the Adidas warehouse sale with SAL after she alerted me to its occurrence. Not really sure what I wanted to pick up but I could always do with another batch of super cheap football socks! The last Adidas warehouse sale I went to in late 08, I picked up 2 pairs of football boots – The predator and the F10, 2 pairs of shorts, and 4 pairs of socks. All for RM300 when that would only have gotten me about 3/4 of a pair of boots in the store. The socks were only RM5 a pair! Talk about cheap!…

adidas Morka Mens

Anyways, this time round I just thought I’d scout around the shoes again, just not for football boots… And I spotted / chanced upon a pair of shoes that were just the type I liked. Low profile, light, full leather, soft… it was perfect.. And… they had my size too! Here’s a pic of it.. checked out the product number and found out that Adidas calls it a Morka and it’s from their training range of footwear.

Adidas Morkas

Adidas Morkas

Adidas Morka - Alternate angles

Adidas Morka - Alternate angles

I love the comfort and the way the shoe feels when I’m strolling. Highly recommended shoe! And the best part is, its one of the few sleek looking men’s shoes around! I’ve been hunting for a couple of years now and just about ALL the sleek shoes are ladies shoes (in fact, a couple of shoes in my shoe cabinet were actually ladies shoes – I wear a size 10 for that btw ;p )

Another great bit about the shoe is the non-marking sole, which is also a fancy way of saying non-slip. The heel is slightly extended, just like a running shoe, but it doesn’t really jutt out. This definitely helps to keep the shoe sleek whilst also making sure that it has sufficient padding in the heel area for those long walks. The non-marking sole also makes it suitable for futsal though I wouldn’t recommend it as I doubt the upper would withstand continuous punishment.

All-in-all, a perfect pair of shoes for RM120 at the great Adidas warehouse sale! Pity it’s only a once-a-year event…

Oh yeah, here’s a description of the shoe from Adidas:


Setting a new standard for cool, this low-profile shoe is styled in soft, comfortable leather. Its fresh, contemporary athletic style is ready for whatever you are.

  • Full grain leather upper for comfort and soft feel
  • Synthetic lining for comfort
  • EVA insole for comfort
  • Integrated midsole construction
  • Non-marking rubber outsole


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