WaitingDon’t we all feel like this sometimes? Especially when we’re waiting for God’s provision? There are so many examples of Him never failing us and that He is never late, is sometimes early, and is always on time. But the waiting is hard.

I feel my faith being exercised. I’m reminded of a simple, poignant, but hard hitting line from Evan Almightly. The wife was in the bar area, moaning about her family and the troubles they were going through. And Morgan Freeman was playing the part of God and he gently said something along the lines of “when we pray for closer family ties, does God magically snap his fingers and cause you to have closer family ties in seconds? Or does he lead through a series of trials that help you to have closer family ties?”

That one line gave me a revelation about how God works in our lives. We keep praying and hoping for a microwave fix and there He is, orchestrating a change in our lives that not only solves the problem we had, but lifts us to achieve more than we ever imagined.

Yes. The process is hard. The waiting is hard. I’m thankful for the iron-clad knowledge that God has already said in His word, that even if we have a mustard seed of faith, we can command a mountain to move and it will move. I also know that God has already given us the Holy Spirit to be our helper and our intercessor.

Lord, I pray that as you work me through this test of faith, I will not be found wanting. With the strength of your Son, Jesus, I will fight the good fight of faith and will persevere. I will come out stronger. I will finish this trial as a more effective Christian. I will experience revival fire.

As I wait for secondment opportunities in my company’s UK member firm, I’m comforted by reminders of God’s promises to me and my wife.


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