Transformers contest watch #2 – NTV7 SMS contest

Have read up the terms and conditions… this sounds like a hellava expensive way of getting yourself some Transformers and some movie tickets… at least they’ve got a big giant carrot in the form of a big giant LG H50 LCD TV from LG. If you wanna participate, caveat emptor! Take a close look at the SMS costs involved. You’d likely wrack up a phone bill of a couple of hundred ringgit solely in SMS charges alone bearing in mind that the probable minimum number of rounds you’d need to play in order to get a decent chance at the grand prize would be 10 rounds… That’s RM70 in basic participations costs without factoring in the premium SMS charges these competitions always charge…

Good luck to those participating anyway….

NTV7 SMS contest

NTV7 Transformers : RotF SMS competition

NTV7 Transformers : RotF SMS competition

Grand Prize

  • LG Full HD TV LH50
  • Transformer & LG Merchandise from LG Complimentary movie tickets

Consolation prize X 19

  • Transformer & LG Merchandise from LG Complimentary movie tickets

How to win

1. Key in T2 and SMS to 33399 to participate in contest.

2. Register your name and IC no prior to start of contest.

3. Upon successful registration, answer 3 questions based on the movie & 2 questions based on LG products.

4. Answer each question correctly will be awarded 5 points.

5. Who achieve the highest points and ranking at the end of the contest will win the prizes. (*Terms & conditions apply. Please refer to general T&C on Winners Selection).

30 May – 12 June 2009

  • Players may participate in contest as many times as they wish.
  • Each MT’s are charged at RM1.00.
  • Cost to play one entire round of contest is RM 7.00, subsequent play is RM 6.00. (Not inclusive of each SMS cost sent in by player). All normal telco charges apply.
  • Our helpline number is 03-20803366 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 6pm).
  • Contest is available for Maxis, Digi & Celcom mobile customers only.
  • Contest duration is from: 30/5/09 – 12/6/09.
  • Contest Promo on ntv7.
  • Winner’s prize redemption and details will be taken care by ntv7.

For more information, please refer to general terms & conditions in


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