Transformers contest watch #3 – LG: Time for change

top_lglogo_newLG’s having a nice competition to give away some Transformers tickets 🙂 Just go on to their website :, take their four question quiz and think up a slogan for “Fast action-packed moments on the LG H50 are made even smoother with…” Contest ends around 19 June. Funny thing is, there seems to be only two questions unless they count the slogan you have to write and the personal details you’ll have to fill in…

They’ve got a bunch of other Transformers promos related to their Home Entertainment category.

Promo 1 – LG Transformers 2 road show (period ended on 7 June)

Promo 2 – NTV7 – Catch the cruiser! 1-24 June in Klang Valley

Catch the NTV7 cruiser team and win transformers merchandise (read: t-shirts, caps and other small items) and premier tickets, only with LG (and any other corporation that could get the license to promote this stuff).

Promo 3 – NTV7: Making of Transfomers 2: 28 June

Kids and mummies (?) should tune in on 28 June for a chance to win exclusive tickets (wonder how exclusive they are since most major product companies and radio stations will be giving these out as prizes) to Transformers 2, once again, ‘only’ with LG.

This particular promo is strange coz kids are more into Transformers Animated whilst mummies would rather watch Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood 10 or somethine like that… The biggest fan group for Transformers 2 would be male nerds aged between 28 – 36.

LG’s mobile phone category has two promos that run until 15 June.

Promo 1 – Buy an LG Arena KM900 and get an exclusive LG RotF cell phone holder

Promo 2 – Buy an LG Cookie KP500 and get an exclusive LG RotF cell phone dangle/dongle

Now, these promotions would probably be more exclusive than others since they’d also likely to carry the LG brand.


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