Michael Jackson RIP

I just logged onto IGN today when one of their headlines just popped right out at me: RIP: Michael Jackson.

A sad end for one of music kingdom’s brightest and biggest stars… according to the Los Angeles Times, he died on Thursday afternoon at UCLA Medical Centre. After a couple of new songs over the past few years, I was actually kinda hopeful that the ‘King of pop’ would return triumphantly to the stage he filled with such stlye and panache that precious few could ever hope to emulate or even beat it.

I guess a huge part of his sad end was that his career had taken a major nosedive after the child molestation allegations. He came out from those series of trials that rocked the world, with his career in ruins. As time went on, he would lose his precious Neverland and I think he was even declared bankrupt once though I might be inaccurate in that statement.

I got a chance to witness one of his concerts when Malaysian authorities finally lifted a long ban on his performances in Malaysia. The show was like pretty much all his others, spectacular. Pryotechnics were used liberally as the foremost entertainer of my generation dazzled the capacity filled stadium venue.

Rest in peace Michael. You gave us some real thrillers while you were around…

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