DiGi July bonus point redemption offer – Samsung F480

Samsung F480 Tocco Sim Free Mobile Phone – Silver

Just surfed on to Digi’s website yesterday and discovered that they’ve updated their bonus point offer for the month of July! Woohoo! Quickly scanning in to see what phones were on offer I saw this beauty – the Samsung F480. After the previous dissapointment on missing out on the LG Viewty, which was because I didn’t really read the fine print – the phone redemption was on a first come first served basis and if you register late, you don’t get the goodies…

Looks lovely doesn’t it? The cool thing about it is that it’s a fully touchscreen mobile and that I can also view documents through it… it’s supposed to be able to handle Word, Excel, and PDFs and it can even play back Mpeg 4 and WMV vids… Nic and sleek and about the size of a credit card, this little device is a midget powerhouse… hopefully I was in time to be one of the first 10 redemptors…. my DiGi bonus points are now expiring at a pretty quick rate (based on your monthly spending with DiGi and expires at the end of 3 years on a first in first out basis…. or FIFO for you accountants out there…

3 thoughts on “DiGi July bonus point redemption offer – Samsung F480

  1. Do you managed to get the redemption of phones? I have tried for close to 3yrs…every month..every hr…every minute checking for the release of Monthly Promo redemption icon…but still can’t managed to get the redemption. FYI, there were one time…i was so lucky being the first very few second/minute where Digi posted monthly promo redemption, i quickly redeem it. But still failed to get the phone redemption. I wonder…how many people out there is like me..despite being so many tries and still not able to succeed. Sometimes, it make me feel that the phone redemption is either not real or for Digi’s friends and family only. I have requested so many times for transparencies on publishing the results. eg: Name…Time and Date of sucessful redemption. Even such basic info also can’t publish..so what do you think? It is for public or for Friends of Family of Digi’s staff? Is it a fair game? No one knows….

    • Hiya… nope. not yet… gee… intially I was think I’ll soon be successful someday but hearing your experience that you’ve been trying for 3 years now… man that puts a dampener on the whole thing. It’s incredible that one time you came close to being the very first but still failed to get the redemption!

    • Hi June.
      It’s not just the matter of luck. If you are dying for one, you really have to sit in front of the PC, and watch closely. You won’t know what time it come out. And as soon as it (the page) is released, you are lucky if you can make the redemption, in less than 2-3 minutes.
      Wanna tell you that there are more than 100 Digi postpaid users following the web site. So, apart from your effort, it’s luck.

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