New layout and design

Been tinkering around with a new layout for a couple of weeks now after finding that my previous one wasn’t quite ‘doing’ it for me… Since I’ve been Twittering actively for a month or so I’ve found that most of my blogging is done via Twitter now withe the 140 character limit being perfect for my short bursts of blogging… having tried out this new design, feedback from the wife says that the site is pretty nice and colourful, esp when contrasted with the previous 2-column design that was pretty plain (and this in itself was because I found that my original theme – Neosapien, was not a great theme for sites with loads of words… white words on a black background do not rank highly on the readability scales…

To an extent I’m still tinkering coz I’m looking for a more organised way to put my posts, published articles and poems.. right now, I’m wavering towards emulating a friend’s blog theme – Fjords… Despite the 4 column design neccessating a smaller font and display, I like the level of organisation it provides as well as a better way to display my tweets prominently.. we’ll see what happens as I tweak this design a bit more…


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