Message from DiGi – Story of my life regarding bonus points

Got a message from DiGi earlier:

Dear Valued DiGi Customer. We are sorry to inform that yr submission for the bonus points monthly promotion has not been successful. Do try again next month. TQ.

Not bad considering that its the first time I’ve gotten that message which would mean that my application was actually recognised… the buggering thing is I’ve tried several times to redeem already with each time ending in failure… guess I’ll need to have one of my friends in DiGi to call me up when Oct’s promotion rolls around…. ;p

2 thoughts on “Message from DiGi – Story of my life regarding bonus points

  1. Do you managed to get the redemption of phones? I have tried for close to 3yrs…every month..every hr…every minute checking for the release of Monthly Promo redemption icon…but still can’t managed to get the redemption. FYI, there were one time…i was so lucky being the first very few second/minute where Digi posted monthly promo redemption, i quickly redeem it. But still failed to get the phone redemption. I wonder…how many people out there is like me..despite being so many tries and still not able to succeed. Sometimes, it make me feel that the phone redemption is either not real or for Digi’s friends and family only. I have requested so many times for transparencies on publishing the results. eg: Name…Time and Date of sucessful redemption. Even such basic info also can’t what do you think? It is for public or for Friends of Family of Digi’s staff?

    • this is bullshit…i never trust this digi redemption.. i tried same like u, pressing f5 every seconds…i tot i was maybe the first one…but still unlucky…there must a con job inside.. wasting my years with impossible gift to own.. unfair DIGI!!! for this only reason i dont mind to switch to different sp

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