Football trademarks

4129627_blogGot inspired to write this piece after seeing the word ‘trademark’ used by football writers all over the world with regular frequency.

Grandstand finish: Co-owned by Manchester United & Liverpool
Sexy football: Formerly trumpeted by Ruud Gullit in his Newcastle days… now the domain of Arsenal
Chelski: Chelsea
Moneybags United: Whichever the current richest club in England happens to be. Presently Manchester City.
Long ball team: Bolton
Spice boys: Trademark up for grabs since Liverpool allowed the rights to lapse
Nuclear meltdown: Mike Ashley
Most hated man in football: Mike Ashley (Doing his level best to keep this trademark as well….)
Free-kick: Co-owned by a plenitude of peeps – Beckham, C. Ronaldo, Giggs… (Heck every free-kick from these guys that go in the net gets trademarked… any litigation is bound to be messy…)
Hairdryer technique: Alex Ferguson
Joe Kinnear (Who also holds the unofficial for most number of swear words in one interview – 52 times in 5 minutes)
Dribble: Just about any player with a high level of dribbling skill seems to own this trademark… thereby diluting the actual value of the trademark
Exocite missile: Robbie Fowler

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