Project 500 – website hands-on

My quick & dirty hands-on experience with the Project 500 website after it was launched today. Seemed to buckle under the strain since quick a few users were complaining on Twitter about the slow interface. Went quite smoothly for me though.

Uncluttered and customisable. Title bar is neatly organised. No lag so far while going through the site and adding services (guess it’s because I’m on Izzinet instead of Streamyx?). Adding services has been a doozy and I’ve added my Facebook & Twitter accounts without a spot of bother and had my YouTube & Flicker accounts linked up quite easily as well. Options are available to move the widgets around if you’re fussy about layout. It’s cool to have functionality to increase & decrease the size of the widgets depending on your preferences – though I can’t imagine many using this feature. Font used is simple and unobstrusive.

Each widget has a weird blue tint though. Feels like it could do with quite a bit more white as a background colour for readability’s sake.

Bug list:

  • Incorrectly lists the number of followers and people I follow.
  • Technically, not a bug, but would be nice if Project 500 uses the same text as Facebook & Twitter for status updates (i.e Twitter asks, “What’s happening?” and Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?”)
  • Facebook profile pic is cut shorter than normal.
  • Profile pic in ‘my profile’ gets warped/squashed if your pic isn’t of the right unstated dimensions. Looks like it’s only optimised for portrait layout pics.
  • Collapsed widgets don’t stay collapsed after you add a service.

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