Top ten Android apps of 2010 that I actually use

AndroidHow many of us willfully (and sometimes blindly) follow the advice of others when it comes to Android apps? How many of you then suddenly find yourself short of space? Especially if you use the criminally low internal memory HTC Desire (which I do).

This trusty article is here to help you make the best use of your [insert manufacturers name here] phone’s allocated memory. All the apps listed here are available for free.

1. Astrid – 1.28MB
This little app takes up less than 2MB. Yet, it gives so much functionality in return. You can set task reminders by date, by time, you can tag them, you can sync them to your Google Calender, you can set four levels of priority, and more.

It has a fun personality too with the Astrid logo popping up to give you a reminder or to congratulate you for completing a task. It even has different responses for if you finish the task past deadline or really early.

The fact that it’s free is icing on the cake. This is probably the most consistently highly rated app in the Android Marketplace and is usually high on anyone’s top ten lists.

2. File Manager – 322kb
Astro is actually much more popular BUT File Manager accomplishes much of the same tasks and only clocks in at just over 300 kb download. Astro gobbles up 2.2 MB. Its a win for File Manager.

3. Skype – 7.42MB
Prob the best communication tool in that international communication is financially viable for those without a penny to their name. It’s generally free for Joe Consumer and it’s interface makes it easy for everyone and their grandma to use.

An update on 13 Dec 2010 has helped improve it’s appeal since they’ve now included Apps2sd as a feature, bringing down the file size from a boggling 7.42MB to a (slightly) more manageable 4.19 MB.

4. SwypeA frankly ridiculous 10.42MB Update: The public beta now has an option to download only the English/Spanish version for 2.5MB. Joy!
Differing by more than just one letter from the app above, Swype has revolutionized touch typing on smart phones. Thanks to it, speeds of 50 words a minute is possible and quite frankly, was the only way I used to write this article during my tube journeys.

I wouldn’t be arsed to type in more that 400 characters let alone the thousands this article would have (over 4,000). At time of writing,  Skype is still in closed beta and the only official version is for those lucky Galaxy S owning peeps. It’s not all bad news though as the select band of Android users who signed up for the beta (like me) do receive updates on a fairly regular basis. Update (21/12/10): Swype has officially gone to public beta status. If you didn’t snag it during the closed beta, hop over and sign up for their public beta now. Size is still massive unfortunately.

5. Dropbox – 1.35MB
I’ve got files all over the place and nothing is worse than a messy file organisation system when you’re trying to find something. Dropbox is my saviour for synching files across my different computers and my Desire.

Now that there are different ways to use Dropbox on my PC, I’m sure my use of this nifty tool will increase 100 fold.

6. Music box – 215kb
Lovers of music and free stuff will get a kick out of this app which helps you find free music from all sorts of places.

The legality of this app may be a shade on the grey side though.

7. Hotukdeals droid – 97.43kb
Now you can easily track this uber popular site from your smartphone. A community run site, this should be your first port of call if you want to make a purchase. Just try not to get too distracted by the other great deals that others find.

The app allows you to sort according to topic (electronics, fashion, groceries, computers, AV, etc) or forum (ranging from deals to freebies, vouchers and a trading zone).

8. BuzzBox – 663kb
If you a voracious devourer of news or,  like me, want to keep abreast of the latest tech trends, BuzzBox is the app for you.

It offers the ability to pull news feeds from a ridiculously massive variety of news sources (mainly from the uk and the us) on a wide variety of topics. Through a widget, you can even see the latest updates on your home scree (as long as you’ve got your 3G or WiFi up and running).

9. NoteEverything – 1.03MB
I somehow prefer this to Evernote despite the latter’s crazy mad popularity in Android app listings. I guess it’s because it’s a smaller programme that offers me a great way to capture thoughts in words or in voices

10. WordPress – 868kb
Surely I couldn’t keep this out of the list considering I’m writing this via the wordpress app ;).


Total space used if you install all these apps = Only 15.64MB

It’s nice being able to work on blog posts on the go and even upload drafts for further editing on my PC later.

Well, these are the top 10 Android apps I would actually use. What are yours?


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