Ipswich vs Nottingham Forest: My post-match thoughts

Thoughts from the game:

Brought my dad to watch a Nottingham Forest game for the first time ever and I watched only my second Forest game at a ground – done both home and away now (Cue theme song). The NFFC support were brilliant in providing a great atmosphere for the match and I was happily joining in for most of the songs (though I couldn’t make out what some of the words actually were…).

For several points in the game, I was tempted to start singing, “The referee’s a wanker! The referee’s a wanker!” or “Who’s your father? Who’s your father? Who’s your father, referee? You ain’t got one, you ain’t got one, you’re a bastard referee!“. Then I remembered that my dad was just beside me. ;p

Brilliant result. Definitely made the long trip worthwhile, I worked out that I spent 12 hrs – from the time I woke up to the time I went back – on the match. That makes it: Two Forest games watched at a stadium. One home (1997, vs QPR, 4-0), one away (today). Both where we kept clean sheets. Both where we were chasing promotion. Glorious times.

Tried to watch the game while remaining seated but the throng of people standing in the couple of rows before me meant that eventually, me and my dad had to stand to watch the game. The people just in front of me were nice enough to apologise for standing though – they needed to stand too since the row in front of them were standing as well. With all the standing going on, it was ironic that “stand up, if you hate Derby” was the most sung song of the opening 30 mins. With my dad not quite being a Forest supporter and since he was just past 60 yrs of age, I wasn’t too keen on having him stand through the whole game.

Thought Moussi was my MOM despite giving the ball away a few times. He felt immense, anchoring our back four. No idea why the ref kept picking on him though he clearly won the ball by being stronger in the challenge.

Shocking miss by Tyson with the header (and wasn’t he through on goal sometime in the 2nd half too?). Thought the team selection reflected the fact that we needed to battle this one out for a win. Wes Morgan was immense at the back and maybe we should have sung “you’ll never beat Wes Morgan!” ;p

Had a good laugh when the Forest supporters started chanting “[insert player’s name here x2], give us a wave” though I did think it a bit silly that we expected them to give us a wave while defending and needing to keep their concentration levels up!

I thought it was a really nice touch when the Forest players and Billy Davies came over to applaud the away supporters at the end of the match.

Glad there was 0 trouble at the ground and there was nothing to spoil my day 🙂 We even had a delicious pre-match lunch at Zizzi’s in Ipswich with delectable garlic bread for our palates.

In the end, whatever the result, my biggest highlight was having my dad with me to watch a Forest game – nothing will ever replace that or beat that. I am quite deliriously happy that we went together for the game since we’re from Malaysia and England is pretty far away.

Come on you reds! Let’s see you in the Prem next season!

3 thoughts on “Ipswich vs Nottingham Forest: My post-match thoughts

  1. It’s pretty sad that our dad’s don’t realize that there’s far more to fatherhood than just providing money until they’re in their dotage. Oh well, at least he’s made some effort 🙂

    • Yeah, it is innit? I’m determined not to repeat the Cats in a Cradle cycle. So when I got the chance when my dad was in town, I made sure I used every way I could to communicate to my dad just how much it meant to me.

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