IZZInet cancellation pains

Going through enormous pains trying to cancel my IZZInet account.

Finally sent a complaint to the Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia. Judging from CFM’s autoreply below, I hope there’ll be swift resolution. Otherwise, money will be flowing towards a big, dark, hole. NEVER deal with IZZI again. (And judging by recent conversations going on between IZZInet users on Lowyat.net, I’m not alone)

Thank you for submitting your complaint via CFM’s Online Complaint Portal. This is your reference number CFM/11/01/00125. Please make reference to this number when making queries with CFM on the complaint.

Your complaint will be forwarded to iZZinet Sdn Bhd(iZZi) for further investigation. Service Providers are mandated to respond to your complaint within seven (7) working days from the date the complaint and relevant documents / information are received.


Update 11/04/11: According to an email update from CFM,

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