My top 10 things wrong with the live action Transformers films

Optimus Prime

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Disclaimer: Don’t me wrong – I had a geekgasm when I watched the first live action Transformers film and chills went up my spine when Optimus Prime had his big movie entrance. But there’re several things wrong with the movie series, especially the second.

Top ten things wrong with the live action Transformers film

  1. Bumblebee doesn’t talk
    What the heck is up with that? It’s not an interesting plot point to make him sound like R2D2.
  2. It’s hard to tell who’s who
    Industrial Light & Magic did a sterling job creating the transformation effects but someone goofed somewhere regarding the colours of the transformers. In a madcap action sequence, it’s impossible to tell who’s who (apart from Optimus Prime thanks to his much-maligned flame decals).
  3. Bumblebee pees on a human in the first film
    This is exteremely out of character for any Autobot. Their basic tenent is a respect for all life. Peeing on somebody does not advance that cause even it is for cheap laughs – coz the average movie go-er loves purile jokes like this.
  4. Optimus Prime kills and seems to enjoy it
    Seeing the last battle scene of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and watching Optimus Prime brutally shutting down the life spark of The Fallen gave me a sense of disconnect. The Optimus Prime we all knew and loved from the 80s would’ve reflected with sadness at the necessity of ending any form of life, no matter the depths of evil they had sunk to. In RotF, his response to slaying The Fallen, was one of brutal thriumph – “I rise, you fall”. Think Arnold Schwarzeneggar in Predator or Conan and you’ll get the picture of what that scene was like.
  5. Too little interaction between Transformers
    We all understand there had to be a human elment in the movie but to miss out on proper interaction between various transformers was criminal. The whole movie centered around Sam Witwicky with some questionable choices like the female pretender that seduces Sam for the secret of the spark and having Wheelie in for comic relief.
  6. Autobots and Deceptions alike weren’t given enough screen time to develop their characters
    For much of the movie we see, Sam and Mikhaela going through relationship troubles,  Sam and his family in college, Sam and army dudes, Sam and- well, you get the picture. I know Michael Bay goes on and on about needing a human element but they’re missing a giant part of what Transformers meant to us that grew up with them – they were robots with human feelings. There was fear, there were acts of bravery, there was sadness,  there was cruelty (amongst the Decepticons anyway), there was jealousy, there was (in the case of Starscream) ruthless ambition. Need a human element? They’re all there.
  7. Death came without much reason 
    Early in RotF, we see the autobots ruthlessly take out two decepticons – never mind that Optimus has always harped on about the sanctity of life. So instead of immobilizing or rendering them useless, Optimus and the other autobots proceed to slice a  fleeing decepticon in two and blow up a one that was rendered defenceless.
  8. Frank Welker only gets a bit part in RotF
    The greatest voice actor of this generation, the man who’s (according to one source) the highest grossing  actor as of Sept 2010 with $5.7b in gross revenue, the man who along with Peter Cullen helped make Transformers such a wonderful cartoon, and the man who’s practically voiced our childhoods through his work with Transformers, Scooby Doo, Inspector Gadget, Super Friends, and most of the animal characters in Disney movies. This guy only got a smallish part in RotF as Soundwave.
  9. Mummy, why the world so dark and bland?
    In RotF, along with the rather generically metallic colours of the both the autobots and the decepticons (with only a few providing some colour relief), the whole movie has a rather bland colouring through it all.  Give us our colourful lives back!
  10. Megan Fox is in the film for apparently no other reason than being a hot babe
    Hmm… this might not actually qualify as a bad thing for most of us…
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4 thoughts on “My top 10 things wrong with the live action Transformers films

  1. Both movies just sucked. I just downloaded all 4 seasons of Gen1, and even those were better than the movies, bad writing, dialouge and all 😦

    Megan Fox almost makes it worthwhile though

    By the way, did you know there’s a HD 1080i version of Transformers the movie? The one with Unicron. It’s worth the download 🙂

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