Songs that’ve impacted me: Tonight It Flows by Mercury Rev

Tonite It Shows by Mercury Rev (mFflow track)

From the opening haunting strings that segue into a melanchony horns section I was enraptured by this beautiful tune. Conceived by art rockers Mercury Rev, it was to be my introduction to their world, a world where music flows, where it’s ingrained in every particle and every sinew.

Q’s Best New Music Of 2000 collection was my central entry point to this world of dreamy pop (or space rock as some call it). Before this, Mercury Rev was an unknown band to me. In terms of what I was listening to at that time, my musical horizons were already indefinitely broadened by the snippets of Smile, the legendary lost Beach Boys album (which Brian Wilson would finally release in 2004 to tremendous critical acclaim – more than 30 years after he had an epic burnout, shelved the album, and went into musical hibernation).

Eventually, on the strength of this single track, I bought their album, Deserter’s Songs ([Affiliate link] Get the album from Amazon) and proceeded to listen to it every day (and night). As an album, it’s one of those that grows on you with the most radio-friendly song on the tracklist being Opus 40.

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