About the Wii U controller’s supposedly old-tech resistive screen

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When Nintendo announced the Wii U at E3 2011, some tech sites and loads of people commented about the Wii U’s use of a resistive touchscreen (as evidenced by use of the stylus in the demonstration videos). Much of the tone of the conversations centred around the belief that resistive touch screens were last-gen tech and had no place in this modern world. No doubt, this belief might be due to resistive screen smartphones’ general lack of popularity- after all, why use a stylus that you can use when your finger can do the job? It’s part of the charm and fun of Angry Birds in the first place.

Of the various gaming and tech sites that reported on the issue, Engadget came out with a decidedly un-objective post about the Wii U’s use of “archaic” resistive touchscreen technology – Engagdet (13/06/11): Nintendo 3DS has resistive touchscreen for backwards compatibility, what’s the Wii U’s excuse?

The two technologies serve different purposes (read an excellent article on the subject from one of my favourite magazine’s – PC Pro: Capacitive or resistive: what’s the best type of touchscreen?)


4 thoughts on “About the Wii U controller’s supposedly old-tech resistive screen

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    • I think you’ll find that technology wise, capacitive screens lack any kind of precision. The drawings that you (might) see now on MiiVerse will be extremely difficult to do on a capacitive touchscreen, especially without an expensive stylus.

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