Day one of my temporary PC-less existence

Vantec ioN2+N 600W power supply unit

Vantec ioN2+N 600W power supply unit (Photo credit: mikkelz)

I’ve have had to mail out my computer’s power supply unit (PSU) today (an Antec Truepower 650w) for a warranty claim after my nervous system couldn’t withstand listening to out-of-alignment fan blades knock against the metal casing any longer.

I’ve had visions of my PSU fan failing to work, leading to overheating and taking it the rest of my PC along with it on it’s trip to the grave.

Those visions can be put to rest now as Royal Mail carts my precious cargo across England to Scan’s warranty replacement centre. If all goes well and the UK doesn’t get another spate of freak winter weather, my cargo should arrive within three next three working days.

Now, the reason this whole saga is even a potential problem in the first place is that apart from the PC, the only other gadgets I have is:
– Samsung Galaxy S2
– Fujitsu Lifebook U100 (a 6 inch tablet hybrid)
Nintendo 3DS
– Nintendo Wii

(Hmmm… That’s not a pretty bad list actually….)

Now, of the list above, only the iPad could be really considered a PC replacement and I don’t really use it much. That may change during this PC-less time though….

My SGS2 does great with stuff like this though, and by this I mean this blog post I’m writing out now. I’ve tried ‘typing’ with the iPad but truthfully, that sucks without having a Bluetooth keyboard (or any proper keyboard) to bash out words with. On my Android phone though, Swype makes writing non-short blog posts a synch. Oh, and the WordPress app is pretty all right too. Would love to be able to add images from those I’ve already uploaded to my WordPress account but at least there’s a function to add photos and videos from my phone.

Gotta get to bed now so will post the next update tomorrow. Gnight and happy mothers day to any mother reading this from countries that are celebrating mothers day this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Day one of my temporary PC-less existence

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