Day two of my temporary PC-less experience


NO-PC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After dissing the ipad when it came to typing ability yesterday i felt I should give it a fair chance and use it for today’s post. So, after typing several words i’m getting up to speed with using the iPad 2’s (Amazon affiliate link) ‘keyboard’ and words aren’t too difficult to type out (special characters like apostrophes and brackets are another matter entirely…).

For the purposes of this post, i downloaded the wordpress app into the ipad. So far, it feels fairly similar to the Android version of the app, but, this isn’t going to be a post comparing the merits of either version of the app. It’s still meant to be a series of posts about my experience of living without my PC for awhile.

To provide more context about why this is a fairly big deal for me is that throughout my life, i haven’t spent much time without a PC, holidays excepting of course…. Even when i was without a desktop computer, i had a laptop around to use. And now, i have to rely on the mobile devices i have at my disposal until my PC’s power supply unit comes back to me.

Premier League climax
Today was the last match of the 2011/12 English Premier League and many eyes are on how Manchester City‘s match would turn out against QPR. A win would confirm the league title for City for the first time in over 40 years while any other result could result in Manchester United pipping them to the finish line.

Knowing the ipad’s notorious fussyness against all things flash, i resorted to using my Samsung Galaxy S II (Amazon affiliate link) to link up with a live stream off the internet. i then opened up the BBC livetext page so i could follow the updates while i was watching the match. Beside me too, i had my Nintendo 3DS (Amazon affiliate link) for halftime or in case the match turned out to be a dud (In hindsight, I didn’t need to worry about that!)

via Orange Sport

The match itself was an extraordinary way to end an extraordinary season in the premier league. City squeezed out a win with 2 goals in 3 minutes in injury time when they looked down and out after going 1-2 down despite taking an early lead.

(Hmmm… Typing on the ipad wasn’t really that bad after all… But i’m still much faster when i’m using Swype. Plus, my letter ‘i’ is properly capitalised when i use Swype versus me having to take the time to hit the shift button on the ipad to make it so.)

Less techy endavours
After the exciting end to the season, it was time to consider what meal i can concote for my wife ;). I knew that she really loved bbq chicken wings and i’ve already done variations with peri-peri marinade and bbq sauce marinade. Today, i decided to experiment with a seasoning mixture that used BBQ sauce as the main base. I then added in some honey, Bovril, apple cider vinegar, tarragon, thyme, basil, oregano, maggi seasoning, and some English Provender Very Lazy Garlic (Amazon UK affiliate link), before using some freshly boiled water to complete the mixture. Happily, the experimental seasoning turned out to be a resounding success, as my mrs can attest to ;).

I also experimented with marinating some pork ribs with honey and bbq sauce. Worked out pretty well but i think i could have grilled it for longer at a lower heat so that the meat could melt off the bone. Got close to that but not close enough. The result was still very tasty though ;).

That’s it for today. Tomorrow’s another blogging day.

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