Day three of my temporary PC-less existence


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

Update: I’ve gone into the desktop version of WordPress and inserted images and links as well as improving the tags for this post.

Day three sees me lounging at home in front of the telly instead and using my Samsung galaxy s2 to indulge in my other favourite pastime – scouring HotUKdeals for useful freebies or fun deals to comment on.

After a couple of days of blogging via my SGS2 and the iPad I’ve found that the interface is still clunky. The desktop version is far more fully featured and I’ve linked my WordPress to zemanta to get related links and images quickly.

Boredom settling in? Or just restlessness kicking in?
I did find today rather hard though, as it was the kind of day where I’d fire up my PC and either do some surfing or play one of the many games I’ve picked up over the past couplet of years. Instead, I find myself on my phone strenuously analysing a chess board in one of my online matchups against a strong chess player.

positionally, I’ve got a pretty good position but material is fairly even. Both with two rooks, six pawns and one minor piece. I do have a white square bishop against his knight though. But it’s not easy to press my advantage. We’ll see how that match progresses 🙂

Wifely pursuits

Français : Logo de l'iPad

Français : Logo de l’iPad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I write this out on my SGS2 my wife is on the iPad sorting out her etsy account. Annoyingly, several fields can’t be completed due to Apple’s Flash allergy. So she’ll have to complete it using her Sony Xperia Arc since that supports flash.

While we’re on the subject of the iPad, I had a strange error to fix this morning. The iPad was stuck with a spinning circle on the main screen and a black background behind it, like it was perpetually trying to load something. After a quick check on my phone (and temporarily panicking when I thought I had the Spinning Wheel Of Death aka SWOD), I found that I needed to restart the iPad in order for the problem to be fixed. That blew one of my Apple beliefs right out of the water – that Apple products never crash.

That’s all I’ve got to say today – gotta go plot my opponents downfall over the chessboard.

2 thoughts on “Day three of my temporary PC-less existence

  1. I don’t know how u are surviving without a PC. I traveled for a couple of days with just my Playbook and got frustrated using Google Maps on its browser. Of course I was having probs with setting up the app.

    There’s just some things conventional PCs do better.

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