Day five of my temporary PC-less existence

United Kingdom

United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)

Today will see a rather short post in terms mainly because I’ve had a really long football session in the park that’s left me knackered. We played from 645 till just after 9 and I’m now Swyping this out while resting my aching feet on the chair… Ahhhh.

Favourite UK pastimes
As I lounge back in the chair and blog, I’ve also indulged in checking out hotUKdeals and playing chess with online opponents. I’ve got three games going on at the moment including one against a Class A rated opponent (rated as 1800+ based on the calculations of the chess app I use) – that particular match is going pretty well, I should have an advantage going into the endgame unless I screw up.

Ordinarily though, I would have gone straight to my PC and started checking out GoNintendo, IGN, and of course, hotukdeals. So, one could say that my routines have changed quite a bit since I sent in my PSU for a warranty replacement.

Yawn. Not much more to say today so I’m gonna end this post with a wish good night. G’night folks!


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