Day eight of my temporary PC-less existence

After struggling with using the mobile WordPress app for the past week on my iPad and my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Amazon affiliate link) I’ve opted for a fairly drastic setup for today. I’m using my Fujitsu Lifebook U1010 and conected up my Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 (Amazon affiliate link) and Logitech MX Performance Mouse (Amazon affiliate link) to it. (Hmm… that paragraph did have a lot of affiliate links… apologies..).

Amusingly, my keyboard more than dwarfs the size of my netbook and I must look a funny sight hunched over the desk typing on a keyboard that’s larger than the computer (whose screen is hardly much larger than that of the Samsung Galaxy Note…). However, I’m pleased because I’m able to do a more fully featured blog post with images and proper paragraph spacings (I also get to type on a proper keyboard, which helps my typing speed immensely.)

On the downside though, the battery life for this netbook ain’t so hot – clocking in at about 1 1/2 hours. – – –

As luck would have it, when I typed out that sentence above the computer went into standy mode due to low battery levels. Fortunately, I had the power cable nearby so I could grab it and plug it in – so I’m up and running again.

(Not so kiddish) Kid Icarus: Uprising
I’ve been actively playing Kid Icarus: Uprising (Amazon affiliate link) ever since it arrived yesterday (I think I put in 5 hours straight yesterday night…) and today wasn’t all that much different. The 45 minutes of travelling time I have on the way to and from my Saturday afternoon football provides me with quite a bit of time for blasting the hordes of Medusa out of the sky.

And I put in several more hours into the game this afternoon fooling around with the multiplayer component. It was a great feeling being able to duke it out with random strangers from elsewhere in the world and did something I didn’t expect. It reminded me of the epic deathmatches I used to enjoy with Quake and my friends (the soundtrack which I always played during those times was Smash Mouth’s Why Can’t We Be Friends)

The actual gameplay itself was pretty hardcore – when the difficulty level is upped (and you can control exactly how hard you want the game to be). Many times, I felt I was being sadistic on myself whenever I upped the challenge level a bit too far. Later, I learnt it would ne wiser to increase the difficulty one level at a time, rather than jumping two to four levels.

This game mechanic ensures each playthrough of each level is different and fresh. In some levels, certain areas can only be passed if you were attempting it at a sufficiently high enough difficulty level. I’m  quite impressed with the whole expereince so far and would agree with general reviews that this is one of the best games available for the Nintendo 3DS (Amazon affiliate link).

Champions League drama
Today was the Champions League final. It was to be a David vs Goliath affair since Chelsea was an aging force that had long past their sell-by date and Bayern Munich had an impressive array of talent (and they had home ground advantage on their side- the final was in Germany). It didn’t help matters that Chelsea had several key players suspended including club captain John Terry.

The final itself started out as a turgid experience with Chelsea seemingly content to sit back, park the bus, and hope Drogba snatches a goal somehow. Chelsea rarely attacked but the Bayern Munich players seemed to left their shooting boots at home. Mario Gomez in particular was guilty of missing the best chance of the match. It was left to Muller to head Bayern Munich into the lead on 83 minutes.

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That should have been it for Chelsea. They weren’t expected to go back with anything. Di Matteo responded to the goal by bringing on Torres to partner Drogba up front and give Chelsea more attacking thrust. Several minutes later, pandemonium erupted in the stands when Drogba bulleted hom a header from a corner kick. It was two minutes from the end.More drama was to follow.

Frank Ribery picks up the ball on the left side of the penalty area. One surging run later, he finds himself sprawled on the ground, tripped by non other than Didier Drogba. Up steps Robben to slot the ball home. Except Cech had other ideas, diving low to his left to save the penalty and keep Chelsea in the final.

Extra time came round and after more heroic performances by Chelsea’s players, it was time for a penalty shootout to decide the winner. Extraordinarily, after Mata missed Chelsea’s first penalty kick, Cech saved two more penalties (well, one hit the post) to win Chelsea’s first ever European Champions League trophy.

The holy grail for Roman Abramovich during his tenure as owner of Chelsea. It’s astounding what Di Matteo has accomplished in his short spell as caretaker manager.

Congratulations Chelsea – you’ve showed that grit and determination sometimes does triumph over skill. Commiserations to Spurs fans though since Chelsea’s win means that Spurs won’t qualify for Champions League football next season.

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