Day eleven of my temporary PC-less existence

Today I decided to check with Scan on the status of my warranty replacement since it’s been over 48 hours since their last update that told my the status of my warranty claim was complete.

I found out that my Antec Truepower 650w modular PSU was discontinued and that they needed to replace my PSU with another similar one – I was offered the 650W PSU Coolermaster GX RS650-ACAAE3-UK, 85% Eff’, 80 PLUS Bronze, SLI/CrossFire, EPS 12V, Quiet Fan, ATX v2.31 as a direct replacement. Happily, according to the tracking information on their site, my replacement PSU was shipped to me this afternoon. With any luck at all, I should receive it by Friday and I’d be able to have my PC up and running again by Saturday.

UK vs US keyboard layouts
Interestingly enough, while using my Fujitsu Lifebook U1010, I’ve faced some trouble with the typing, mostly around the location of the @ and the ” symbols. Typing out emails led to a lot of errors I can tell you… .


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