How I met my wife

Since one of my colleagues was getting married and had a wed site of her own, I was reminded of my very own wed site, created around five years ago (according to my wed site, it’s been 1628 days since our wedding!).


One of the sections there caught my eye again, and I think it’d be fun to repost it here on my blog, it’s the story of how I met my wife…


Our Story


Welcome dear friend into a world. A world where romance abounds and fills your heart with each passing word. Therein lies the tale of our romance. Like every good ol’ fashioned yarn, it starts at the beginning. Enjoy ^_^


Was how we met …
…. as romantic as Zorro’s?

Was how we met ...


It began innocuously. My favourite cousins, Shaan & Sherri, calling me (as they’ve done intermittently every year) out to catch a movie. The movie in question this time? The Legend of Zorro. I was single and free and eager to meet up with my cousins again and thought little of who else would be there. In the past I usually asked them whether they would be bringing any ..well… eligible friends… but strangely enough, this time I just wanted to go out and be with them. Guess it was partly due to the fact that I had recently told myself to stop actively looking for a partner.

The time for the movie came and I was to meet my cousins and their friends at the McDonalds in Mid Valley on 2 Nov 2005. They had just finished eating when I met up with them. I was quickly introduced to all the people that were there that day, my cousin Shaan introed me to Lynette, Shen, Poey, Joyce and Jocelyn. Initially not paying much attention to the group of gals, I did notice that this Jocelyn gal was quite pretty. She didn’t talk to me much though.

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the movie, we hung around outside the cinema area and Jocelyn started asking her group about the movie Corpse Bride, coz she had an extra ticket. I was definitely interested but mindful that I was a stranger to her and new to the group as well, so I just dropped hints that I would enjoy the show by saying how much I loved Tim Burton‘s work in The Nightmare Before Christmas and how much I enjoyed stop motion animation movies. Noticing there were still no takers, I left it at that – figuring it’d be too awkward to say that I was interested in watching the movie.

Jocelyn got a small taste of my zaniness (which according to her didn’t give me bonus marks..) when my cousin Shaan asked the group whether me and Shaan looked alike. We both pulled a silly face at the same time and had a good laugh to ourselves. At that time, I thought I probably looked silly but I was done with trying to be all cool and composed when I prefer to let loose. “Heck it”, I thought. Either a girl would like who I was, or she wouldn’t.

I chatted a bit with Shaan’s other friend Joyce who asked me what I did, where I worked, blah blah blah… the usual niceties. Somehow, later on I found out that Jocelyn thought that I was more interested in Joyce… gee…

Anyway, the group of them then decided to go for supper at some Hong Kong food style place in OUG as one of them had to go to work the next day and that place was nearby to her home.

Even now, nearly two years after that first meeting, I can still recall how Jo looked and acted. I remember she was wearing some spaghetti strap black blouse and a orangy long skirt. Her hair was long and flowing. My attention was definitely caught though I did my best not to overdo it. As we were leaving Mid Valley for supper, Jocelyn was parked in the same area as myself and since she was walking alone, Shaan insisted that she accompany Jo and I made sure that I did too – purely as a gentlemanly kind of thing though! There, I got the chance to check out Jo’s car as she drove me and Shaan to my car that was parked a couple of floors down. I took note that while there were a few soft toys, there weren’t too many around and I liked the personality displayed in the things she had around the car.

During supper, I talked to the only other male around, Shen and we got to talking about music and other stuff. Sitting on the other end of the table was Jocelyn and I noticed her taking out a journal and passing it around her friends. I was very impressed that someone would take the time and effort to make a journal and found it very creatively done. I think my eyebrows shot up a bit when she got to the page where we was an air stewardess but all I knew about them was that they had a reputation for partying hard and for having some wild parties. Jocelyn didn’t really look that kind so I didn’t pay much more attention to her being an ex-stewardess. I was more interested in the rest of the journal and how she used design elements to create an attractive an interesting journal. As the night came to an end, while sending Shaan back home, I talked to Shaan about Jocelyn and said that she must have suffered much recently (Coz in the journal she had a guy she called her little brother, who passed away about 2 years before). I thought she had a younger brother pass away, which would leave quite a scar. Shaan just said yeah, she’s gone through quite a bit of pain, which later I found out was because she recently had a failed relationship.

When I reached Shaan’s house, I told her that her friend Jocelyn was interesting, and reaching out on a limb, I remembered that Jocelyn had an extra ticket to Corpse Bride. Maybe I could ride on that ticket and get a chance to get to know Jocelyn better. I remember Shaan looked at me quizzically for awhile, and told me that Jocelyn was quite sensitive and went through quite alot already. Fortunately for me, she said she’ll ask for me. The next day, I got a message from Jo saying, “Heard you wanted to inspect d’ corpse with me. blah blah blah”. I liked that cheeky reply so I replied back cheekily too along the lines of “Oh, I didn’t know you were into Necrophilia (which in hindsight was prob not the smartest thing to say but I had hoped it would get a laugh)”…

And so began our romance which continues to this day and we believe will live on throughout our lifetime.


Hmmm, well it was deepavali+raya holiday the next few days, so my girlfriends & I decided to catch a movie together. I remember wearing a black spagetti top, red sherbet long skirt with loops earrings. Lynette thought I looked Spanish that night.

I drove to Midvalley and arrived there about an hour earlier, hoping to meet any of my girlfriends for dinner but none of them was available. So I grumpily had my own dinner at Mcdonalds. When it’s nearing the showtime, they met with me at the Mcdonalds. Awhile after they arrived, John arrived too. (John looked just slightly thinner then ;p) Was still a bit grumpy before the show… guess that was John’s impression of me too.

We got into the cinema and the seatings from left to right were John, Joyce, Jocelyn, Shaan, Sherri, Poey, Lynette and Shen. During the advertisements, I remember talking to Joyce while John peered over as I talked. I noticed the attention given there but I guess I had my woman’s intuition weaken due to my grumpiness earlier. He didn’t get as much of my attention though. Perhaps it was because at that moment I was healing from a broken heart.

After the movie, we all went to OUG’s KTZ for dessert supper. I brought my special journal along and showed it to Lynette. I designed the journal for myself in 2004 celebration of my own ‘Journey to the Key’ – 21 years old . It was more of a photo & design journal with limited words. The journal was viewed and passed around within the group. I recall seeing John’s eyes gleamed when he saw the particular page of my past occupation as a stewardess. I was irked by the attention given this time… as I felt as though I just got another guy interested just because of who I was in my past occupation not because of who I am. Just another guy, I thought.

Oh well, of course my perception of John changed slowly over time. Before Zorro night, I had booked tickets for Corpse Bride. So on the night of Zorro movie, I actually asked my girlfriends if they wanted to watch it with me 2days later but they were not free. However, John was interested in both the movie and me, so he got his dear cousin to ask me if he could come since there were extra tickets.

Hence, our second meeting was yet another movie, an outing with my other group of friends BUT… but I also got Shearn, John’s other cousin to join us for the movie. Thought Shearn could help entertain him and I wont need to worry of not being able to enjoy my friends’ company while needing to talk to this stranger the whole time…

… or just in case John was either boring or bothering me, Shearn can take him away. Hahaha… nah, kidding… or maybe not ;p



2 thoughts on “How I met my wife

  1. Can’t believe it’s been so long now! Ended up checking out your wedsite all over again…the years go by so swiftly

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