Wii U – How much for the whole setup in the UK?

Wii U Sign

Wii U Sign (Photo credit: GamerGrrlz)

After the Nintendo Direct announcements on 13 September 2012, I postulated the total outlay someone in the UK might need to spend if they wanted a complete Wii U setup and they didn’t have a single Wii peripheral on hand – New Wii U – Estimated total cost for first time buyers who want the top package. That article was based off the announced prices in US and Japan – so since actual prices will differ thanks to taxes and import duties, here’s an updated article based on what’s already been announced through Amazon UK and other UK retailers.

I thought it would be fun to speculate on the total cost of the entire WiiU experience if you want everything with a cherry on top and presumably have a treasure trove lying somewhere to derive funds from for it.

Note: I chose Amazon as the main place to get Wii accessories pricing from so in some instances, you can get them cheaper elsewhere, for example, if the Wii Sports Resort MotionPlus Bundle was going for £35 or less…

4 x Nintendo Wii U Remote Plus – Black = £35 x 4 = £140

4 x Nintendo Wii U Nunchuk – Black = £15 x 4 = £60

1 x Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board Bundle – Black = £70

1 x Nintendo Wii U 32GB ZombiU Premium Pack – Black = £329

4 x Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller – Black = £38 x 4 = £152

Wii U GamePad – Not available for sale separately until 2013.

What does the Wii U Premium SKU get you?
A lovely black Wii U (the Basic SKU only gets you the white version), 32GB memory, HDMI cable, console stand, GamePad charging dock, GamePad stand, and a two year Nintendo Network Premium subscription until 2014.

What’s the damage?
Total cost for the whole shebang is a mouth watering, wallet busting, partner cringing, bank account screaming £751 (Which is a whole lot cheaper than my previous estimates based on Japan’s prices – £1,232).

How does this compare with say, getting a PS3?
Well, Let’s see now…

1 x Sony PlayStation 3 320GB Slim Console = £208

3 x Official Sony DualShock 3 Controller = £36 x 4 = £108

1 x PlayStation Move Starter Pack with PlayStation Eye Camera and Move Controller (PS3) = £35

3 x PlayStation Move Motion Controllers = £28 x 3 = £84

1 x HDMI cable from Poundland = £1

That should get you up and running (without a game though) at a cost of £436. Which is actually fairly attractive, so it does depend on what games you enjoy playing. Nintendo’s Wii U console is pretty much the only way to go if you want Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Kirby, or Bayonetta 2.


2 thoughts on “Wii U – How much for the whole setup in the UK?

  1. The Wii U has some really good games now. When it was first released i didn’t have any interest in the console. After 1 year of it being released i finally bought one at £250 with 2 Mario games around christmas time. I feel it is still lacking in some of the more serious games that the Xbox One and Playstation 4 are being treated with. Real shame for Nintendo owners.

    • Yeah – agree with your points though I’ve been actively enjoying mine since release with only a couple of lull periods in between due to life. Hopefully some of the exclusives like Bayonetta 2 and Devil’s Third will help

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