Why AirAsia’s customer service sucks – updated 19 June

In summary – What I want:

AirAsia to modify my booking from 20 February 2015, 0710, KUL-PEN to 20 February 2015, 1710, KUL-PEN at no charge to me. It’s that simple. 


Update 4 (19 June 2014):

I’ve received the following email response from AirAsia, essentially saying, “We’ve checked and since there were no technical errors on our end, tough luck for you”. I’m also GREATLY puzzled that this is the third email where they apparently have NO idea whether I’m male or female. I don’t normally get riled up over gender but it feels like an incredibly basic thing to get right.

Dear Mr. / Ms Johnathan Sia,

Thank you for writing to AirAsia.

In response to your email, we apologize if you have experienced any difficulties during your booking with us recently.

We have liaised with ICT department and investigation has been done which resulting in there was no error found and no system glitch occurred during your booking process.

As per our record, you have selected 20th February 2015 Flight xxxx KUL-PEN accordingly for booking xxxxx.

Moreover, the log indicated that there was no error occurred by the system during your booking process.

Please also note that, guest can check the selected flight details before proceed with payment.

The flight details tab it’s just before payment part. This part is created for guest to reconfirm the flight details selected before proceed to make the booking payment.

However, please be informed that you may proceed to change your travel date/time through Manage My Booking in our website.

We would like to clarify/informed that once a booking number has been issued, flight changes are subject to the following terms: no changes are allowed inside of forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

Likewise, changes will subject to change fee as specified in our Fee schedule http://www.airasia.com/my/en/our-fares/fees-and-charges.page? and fare difference (if any).

Once you made the flight change, travel insurance (if any) will be voided. Thus, you need to purchase travel insurance if you wish to do any flight change. 

We trust the above explanation will clarify your case.

Should you need any further assistance, please submit online form (http://www.airasia.com/my/en/e-form.page). For simple inquiry, please feel free to check our AskAirAsia portal at (http://www.airasia.com/ask/)  or follow us at our twitter account, or approach our Live Chat service available from 0800 to 2000hours (GMT+8).


Thank you for choosing AirAsia.

Yours Sincerely,


Customer Care

AirAsia Berhad


I don’t know what to say now. Air Asia have obviously fallen back on “If it’s not a technical problem, then it’s not our problem. It’s your fault and your mistake in the first place as we show flight details prior to you hitting the confirm flight button”. And that’s greatly disappointing.

I feel I’ve clearly outlined what went wrong and what we did to try to fix it but AirAsia has taken a month to say “Sorry. Under no circumstances are we going to change a booking error that you confirmed even if you spotted it immediately after hitting confirm”.

Multiplying my aggravation further are the following points:

  • AirAsia has taken an abnormally long time with this issue – I reported it on 20 May and it’s now 19 June.
  • Aqeera from Air Asia’s customer service team constantly refers to me as Mr/Ms rather than Mr despite this being the third email I’ve received, Johnathan being pretty much an exclusively male name, and despite the constant interactions I’ve had with the @AskAirAsia twitter account. Surely it can’t be that hard to verify someone’s gender when substantial opportunities have presented themselves to do so?
  •  AirAsia’s reporting form had 404 errors several times before I could actually make a report, thereby unnecessarily delaying the process further.
  • Live chat with AirAsia’s customer service team terminated unexpectedly (10 minutes seems like a ridiculously short time to settle an issue) and there is no log of the chat session given to you, which is just very poor in this day and age.

Original timeline:

Approximately 0120 GMT Monday, 12 May 2014 – Booking made for a flight from KUL to PEN on 20 February 2015

Approximately 0122 GMT Monday, 12 May 2014 – Discovered that we had accidentally booked for 0710 instead of 1710 because when we checked the flight details, we didn’t realise that AirAsia’s system would reset the choices to the first available ones on the list (A very very bad system)

Approximately 0200 GMT Monday, 12 May 2014 – After a relatively long wait due to high demand, successfully connected to AirAsia’s live chat customer service. After describing the problem, the customer service person informed us that he’d make a note on our account (evidently none was made if it took this long to investigate), and that we’d need to fill in an e-form to ensure the right team takes a look at our issue. After we attempted to get onto the e-form page, we discovered that the page wasn’t working and the subsequent error message was shown:

CaptureSo far, the chat had taken some time but after we notified the customer service person  of the problem with the e-form, we were instructed to wait while he looked into it. Not long after, the live chat reached the maximum allotted time and closed with no way for us to copy the chat transcript or save it.

Late morning 12 May 2014 –  I filled in the e-form, related the problem in as much detail as possible and sent it off.

19 May 2014 – Received a response that essentially said “Tough luck. Your fault. Pay up if you want to change the booking time”

19 May 2014 – Sent a complaint letter to @AskAirAsia illustrating my dissatisfaction with the response and troubles I faced with the customer service system (Detailed in Update #2)

27 May 2014 – Received a reponse that @AskAirAsia acknowledged receipt of the complaint (One week for this?!)

17 June – I tweeted @AirAsia to follow up (Detailed in Update #3)

19 June – Received a still unsatisfactory response from AirAsia (Took long enough though…)


Update 3 (17 June 2014):

I had to sent a follow up tweet to @AskAirAsia and got the following responses back:

Update 2 (27 May 2014): It’s happened again. Apparently AirAsia’s staff in Malaysia don’t know that Johnathan is a male name. Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t fault them for trying to be inclusive in case they think I’m transgender. 

I wrote the complaint letter on 19 May 2014. Today, more than a week later, I’ve finally received a response. And…. it’s a response about acknowledging my complaint and that’s it’s been forwarded to another department to investigate. This is painfully slow…. oh, and here’s the response in full for your reading pleasure

Dear Mr. / Ms Johnathan Sia,


Thank you for writing to AirAsia.


With regard to your issue, please be informed that we have forwarded your email to the relevant department for them to investigate.


We will wait for their feedback regarding this matter and will share the findings with you in due course.


Thank you for your patience. We hope that you will grant us the opportunity to prove there are better experiences to have with us.


Should you need any further assistance, please submit online form (http://www.airasia.com/my/en/e-form.page). For simple inquiry, please feel free to check our AskAirAsia portal at (http://www.airasia.com/ask/)  or follow us at our twitter account, or approach our Live Chat service available from 0800 to 2000hours (GMT+8).


Thank you for choosing AirAsia.


Yours Sincerely,


Customer Care

AirAsia Berhad


Update: I’ve also just realised that I’ve been called Ms. Johnathan Sia… gee…


Referring to CAS-7405941-RMH0L4: Greetings from AirAsia! CRM:0387848 – this response was unsatisfactory and did not help me in any way.

My original complaint related to a booking error and though it is 7 days ago now, I had immediately gotten in touch via live chat to your customer service and requested for my flight detail to be corrected. The only reason the error happened was because your booking system resets the flight schedule selections to the earliest available time whenever a customer goes back to check their details.

Therefore, instead of departing at 17:10 on 20 February 2015 from KL as I originally booked, I find myself having to depart at 07:10 instead.

That is not acceptable and I will pursue this until the error has been rectified at no cost to me.

This aggravation has been compounded by the very poor experience I had with live chat when I tried to resolve this error. The booking was made at around 0120 UK time on Monday, 19 May 2014 and the live chat error happened at around 0230 UK time. What happened was that a member of your customer service was attending to my problem and said that a note would be made to my account to correct my departure time from 0710 to 1710. It should be straightforward as well because:
– The tickets for both departure times are identical
– I got in touch immediately upon uncovering the error and the delays in actually resolving this simple issue have been caused by AirAsia staff.
– The flight isn’t until February 2015.

During the live chat session, I was then advised to submit and e-form to ensure that my problem would be dealt with by a senior person. Only problem was, your e-form had crashed at that time and was only given error messages. Once I informed customer service of that, I was then asked to hold while they investigated. It was a couple minutes later when, to my horror (remember, this happened at past 0230 UK time and I needed to sleep so that I can get to work properly later that day – I’m based in the UK), the live chat session closed without warning and without any transcript being generated for me.

This is very poor customer service that’s not expected from an airline of such renown.

If you cannot find a way to resolve this I would like a customer service manager or above to contact me on my phone number please. (redacted)


Note: After trying to submit this via AirAsia’s e-form system (as advised) the first time, I got this error message which really added insult to injury: 


3 thoughts on “Why AirAsia’s customer service sucks – updated 19 June

  1. Airasia hasn’t refund my money back been 8 months even they sen me a email said my refund is in my bank already and I send over my bank statement to e-Form but still not give my refund bank. And the email always same just told me wait and they will find out the problem but NEVER give back the email from airasia.

    Is anyone know how to contact the airasia and get my refund back. Thanks

  2. Last week, I booked air asia ticket also facing problem. After all the payment done, all the details had changed. I booked for 2 person ticket, but it become one person air ticket, n the fees still charged the same price. I also feel very disappointed with it. Until now also dun have any news from Airasia. I try to log in to this website :http://www.airasia.com/my/en/e-form.page , but this is a plan page. Can anyone assist me?

  3. I totally agree with the author as well, Air Asia could very well be one of the worst low budget? carrier in the world! They will try to rip you off in every chance they could lay their hands upon. I don’t know how the travel date of my booking (through Traveloka) skipped so many months (from September to December), but both Traveloka and Air Asia do not want to help and just simply changed the date. Everything has to go through procedure, and the obvious reason would be no doubt, making more money. I will never fly Air Asia again!

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