The Strange Development of Diddy Kong Racing 2

Intriguing look at a possible new racing game on the Wii U around the Donkey Kong franchise


The following information is based on my insider knowledge regarding the development behind Diddy Kong Racing 2.

For the longest time, Nintendo has been trying to figure out how to create a sequel for Diddy Kong Racing.  Unfortunately, the development of the project has constantly struggled due to bad luck, limited resources, and awkward timing.

In 2006, Monster Games was finishing up development on Excitetruck (Wii), and Nintendo asked the studio if they would be interested in attempting a sequel to the N64 classic, “Diddy Kong Racing”.  Nintendo expressed plans to completely reboot Diddy Kong Racing for a new generation of kids, and who can really blame them?  Diddy Kong Racing sold over 5 million copies on the Nintendo 64.

At this point, Nintendo was impressed with what Monster Games had accomplished with Nintendo’s “Excite” franchise, and they wanted to give Monster Games the keys to another popular racing franchise.  Around this time, the sales…

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