I’m one of the first SteamWorld Ambassadors!

A week ago, while putting my baby to bed, I noticed that Image & Form were running a competition to find their first SteamWorld Ambassador. It was right up my alley too considering it involved giving a funky and creative name to something, in this case, an in-game weapon.

I came up with a few suggestions but felt I wanted to revisit them since I was quite tired already when I came up with them (laid out in order of submission):

  • The Water Cooler
  • The People Splasher
  • Rust In Piece (which apart from the pun could also handily be shortened to R.I.P.)
  • Rust In Pieces

Rather in keeping with my idea generation style (which involves going through rubbish before the good stuff comes), the very last idea came up trumps.

Excerpt from the announcement:

The first SteamWorld Ambassadors are…

TheGamingWolf for providing our weapon with the name “Cranky’s Delight”!

James Jackson for suggesting the name “The Bolt .45″ which will be given to another weapon.

jsty3105 for the incredibly creative pun “Rust in pieces!”. We’ll not use it as a weapon name, but it will appear in SteamWorld Heist as a bark (epic one liner).

So, whoopee! I didn’t name the weapon in the end, but my submission will be added as in-game text! Wee! Another mark to add to my copywriting portfolio.

Today, I received the formal announcement email from Image & Form:

My name is Brjánn and I’m the CEO at Image & Form Games. With this e-mail I’d like to congratulate you on winning last week’s challenge and officially welcome you to the SteamWorld Ambassadors Club!
As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release we’llsend you a download code free of charge. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends.
You and the other ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress. We’ll send you the first secret some time next week 🙂
We don’t expect anything in return from you for this, but of course we hope you share our videos and blog updates or just tweet or comment about the SteamWorld games once in a while. Sharing a link on NeoGAF, Reddit or your favorite gaming forum would also be of tremendous help to us.
We’ll continue the SteamWorld Ambassador challenges every other Tuesday. In the weeks between the challenges you’ll find blog posts with exciting new info, pictures and videos about SteamWorld Heist directly from our dev team. We’ll keep you updated via email 🙂
We have major stuff coming up, so I hope you’re ready!
PS. Are you on Twitter? If so, let’s connect! Our handle is @imageform 🙂
Best regards,
Brjann Sigurgeirsson
CEO, Image & Form
Soooo looks like I’ll grab this opportunity to start sharing new stuff about SteamWorld Heist. I got a lot of joy from playing through SteamWorld Dig on my 3DS and I’m really looking forward to experiencing this next entry in the SteamWorld universe on my Wii U and 3DS.
Happy days! Check out the couple of official screenshots and the gameplay trailer below.

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