This father’s day, I can only think about my late stepfather

This morning was an interesting time… While the part about waking up was pretty normal with the sounds of a boisterous and very awake 1.5 year old baby girl acting as my alarm, the rest of the morning wasn’t.

Oh I wished people happy fathers day as usual and dug out last year’s poem to share again since I couldn’t quite work out a new one in time that I was happy with, but something was missing. Or rather, someone. My late stepfather. Someone whom I had at least made an effort to get to know despite his rather sudden entry into my life when he proposed to my mother 5 years ago.

I miss his dearly. When I was sharing the poem and wishing other people happy father’s day, I thought of him and how I’d never get to wish him happy father’s day again until the day we meet in heaven. I only knew him for a few moments but those moments impacted my heart greatly.

Lou Dao, I will make you proud of me. Your death has to mean something despite the suddenness and speed of the heart attack that took your life.


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