London London – Parody of New York New York – updated for talent competition

In early November, I participated in a Deloitte UK talent competition with a parody I wrote some 7 years back when I was in Malaysia.


I originally wrote it when I was really desiring to come and life and work in the UK (that dream has since come true) and it was for an accounting event that the Big Four was supposed to have their social clubs participate in.

By the time the event rolled around, the social clubs of the other Big Four firms had all pulled out from participating and I was left to hold the flag and represent Deloitte Malaysia’s social club.

I can’t remember what the event was about but I do recall Dato Ng Yen Yen was attending when she was the Deputy Finance Minister.

The original lyrics are in this post – London, London (Parody of New York, New York)

Video of my performance in Deloitte UK’s Got Talent

Happily, one of the celebrity judges was Nina Wadia, one whom I grew up watching in Goodness Gracious Me.

Updated lyrics for the talent competition:
Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today
I’m gonna be a part of it, London, London.
My visa’s approved. Took less than a day. (phew!)
Coz I’ve already bought my flight, London, London.

I want to wake up in the city that’s cold and rainy (erm…)
And find I’m making big bucks! And all in pounds too.
These little city blues, they are melting away
But I’m leaving all my folks behind (sniff, sniff) London, London.
If I can, make it there, I might do better than, Tony Blair,
It’s up to you London, London.

London, London,
I’m going to buy some land, maybe some in East end.
And hope my returns will double, tax exempted, audited too,
then I’ll know I’ve made it too

These little city blues, they are melting away
But I’m still leaving all my folks behind, in ol’ London,
And, if I can make it there, I might be bigger than,
David Beckham’s hair.

It’s up to you, London, London, London

Words (c) 2016 Johnathan Sia

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