Today is the first day of the rest of my life. 

Cliched, yes. But cliches aren’t necessarily bad in and of themselves. They communicate concepts quickly thanks to their level of ubiquitousness (Thank you spellchecker for that word…). For today, you, dear reader, know that I speak of another new beginning. Another chapter of my life.

One door closes another opens as they say.  In my case, I believe that windows too shall open far and wide – for me to take stock and drive myself towards where my heart is.

In times of great change, there is a special opportunity to look inward. To look within yourself and see with greater clarity then you ever have before. That can be a curse or a blessing – just like most things in life.

When something happens, you have an opportunity to sit back and wait for something good to come your way or to take life with an iron grip and take charge.

I choose to take charge.

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