Writing is often said to be a craft and like any craft, you get better through practice and hard work.

This page is a (work in progress) repository of nearly all the work I’ve had published through my life. I say nearly becuase there’s a couple of articles written as a kid which I fear is lost for all time, and I used to work for a music magazine called Tone, but I don’t have all the issues which had my writing in it.

Have a read through the sub-pages for examples of my work.

PC.Com (Soapbox and Feature articles)

May 2011 – Soapbox: Izzinet troubles
Back in May 2011, I had my first article published in magazine in Malaysia. I can’t quite remember the title since the then editor, Catherine Yong, helped me with that and I’m not sure I have that issue of the physical magazine with me. 

June 2011 – Cover Story Feature: Rebuilding Japan
Wrote this for their June 2011 cover story about the earthquake that ravaged Japan and the ensuing effect on the world’s technology supply chain.

September 2011 – Cover Story Feature: Groupon – Get your deal on
Wrote this for their September 2011 cover story as Groupon was then shortly due to be a listed company and get major bucks from the IPO.

October 2011 – Cover Story Feature: Patent wars – Weapons of mass litigation
Wrote this for their October 2011 cover story. I feel passionately about the topic of patents and patent trolls and pitched to have this article in the magazine. The actual title of the published article was just Patent Wars, but I really liked my proposed title so here it is.

February 2012 – Soapbox: Getting tech gear for cheap in the UK
Wrote this for their December 2011 issue.  It was eventually pushed back for a February release but here’s my original submission to the editor.

2008 – Max IT magazine (A now defunct Malaysian IT magazine)

The Console Wars: A deeper look

Published in June 2008 as a feature article in Max IT magazine

2004 – The Santa Cruz Sentinel – Rock of Ages (A look through the best songs of the past 50 years)

The Sentinel: Rock of Ages – Brian Wilson’s romantic masterpiece – God Only Knows
This was my first-ever published article online. Was supposed to get USD50 for it but I never saw the money from them. Guess that was my first lesson in the field of writing…

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