Life’s unseen treasures

always look on the bright side of life

A child’s cry, music in the air, raindrops on roses, and the fragrance of a bed of flowers covered with dew in the mornings. In these bleak, dark, cynical days of unprovoked killings, gun-toting schoolchildren, and WMD searching people, it’s hard to do the Python-esque thing and ‘Always, look on the bright side of life.’ It’s almost like trying to notice a lone, frail flower growing through a crack in the wall when all you can think of is the smell of napalm in the air.

Isn’t it surreal how often we miss the blessings around us and how easy it is to complain about our present surroundings? I’d say I’m as guilty of doing it as the man across the street. A recruitment advertisement from a global professional services firm reads, “Will you see the problem, or will you see the big picture?”

In times of strife, it’s easy to slip into a mode of focusing on the problem, and forget everything else around us. It’s almost as if our mind’s eye creates a virtual magnifying glass to help us look at the problem thoroughly. But what happens, when someone looks at something too closely with a magnifying glass? Pretty much, that something is all they end up seeing. True, that way the problem does get scrutinised in more detail, but you still faced with what has now become in your eyes, a huge problem.

There’s a saying that goes around quite often, “Count your blessings”. I think it’s a beautiful collection of words that serve to remind us of the little things that matter in this world. Have you counted your blessings lately? Such as the very fact that you can read this piece in the first place, comprehend it and form your own meanings and judgements about it?

There’s a now clichéd phrase that often traverses the bits and bytes of cyberspace now and again and occasionally worms its way into the written passages of books from various self-help gurus. You’re probably quite familiar with the phrase; “I used to get angry about not having shoes, until I saw a man with no feet.”

There are more than enough cynics among and around us. Don’t add yourself into that gene pool. Life wasn’t made to be fair. When we come to realise and recognise the blessings around us, we’d be more inclined be less stressed about things in general and are more likely to be happy.

Count your blessings. You’re likely to end up healthier and perhaps, find a better way of solving whatever issue you’re facing.

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