Raw skill versus desire

Think about it. How many successful people do you know that were extremely skilled at what they did right from the very beginning of their success? Many times, we fool ourselves into our dull complacent lives, offering our other cheek to every curveball (or bunt or foul ball or whichever baseball term you prefer) that life throws us.

We get hit down and accept defeat so graciously that we allow him to have free residence in the home of our heart. How is defeat so powerful that he can be almost lovingly draped around some people like a woollen cloak on a chilly winter’s night?

Reading several quotes from both famous and infamous personalities, I am drawn to a single, tiny, almost miniscule factor: None of these people allowed personal inadequacies or widespread disbelief of their dreams to hinder them in their pursuit of what they really wanted. What do you want? A spiffy car? A matching set of clothes? A loving partner? Better grades? Better pay?

We are all human in these desires. None of these desires are wrong (well, unless they are in violation of the laws of the state and country you are in 🙂 ). Where we are wrong is in just leaving our dormant hopes and desires to remain just that: dormant.

There is a very old Latin saying that goes – “carpe diem” or “Seize the day”. Life has much to offer us if we would only just sit up and take notice. Take the time to breathe in the fresh air and the smell of freshly-cut grass. Take a seat and witness the afterglow of a sunset and marvel in the fresh beauty that is offered when the earth is clothed in a warm orange light and enveloped with the sounds of insects and birds singing songs to anyone who bothers to listen.

It’s hard to pursue your desires when you are unhappy with the world and everything in it. Griping at the world will more often than not, result in…well…silence. What did you expect? For the world to turn around from whatever else that worlds do, apologise for its alleged misdemeanours and promise to make it all better for you? Stories abound in the mass media about great talent that was wasted, thrown away, fizzled out, drowned in a haze of illicit drugs, knocked out by alcohol, you take your pick.

Truth is, each of us has a talent for something. It just depends whether we have enough desire to carry out and fulfil our dreams. So much has been made of stories of ordinary people who have triumphed against seemingly impossible odds.

It seems a fairly simple thing. To succeed at something, just desire it a lot. But here’s a spanner in the works, you’ve got to really desire it and will do whatever is necessary to achieve it. Probably most important of all, are you prepared to stick to your guns, as well as man and fire them, when you are being besieged from all sides by criticisms, problems and naysayers?

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