Struggle and hope: A poem (Working title)


Written for a colleague:

Struggle and hope: A poem (Working title)

When darkness flows all around,
When dim is sight and sound,
All it takes to break the night,
A single candle, set alight.

Silver linings in dark clouds above,
Diamonds in gritty coal below,
From great strife can come great life,
Like a bird’s struggle before first flight.

Johnathan Sia (C) 2016

A farewell poem to my Lou Dao

A farewell poem to my Lou Dao

On 11 January 2015, my family suffered a great tragedy when my step-father passed away from a fatal sudden heart-attack in the company of my mother and her family at their favourite Sunday afternoon hangout spot. The great consolation for me was that his moment of passing was in the company of those who held him dear in their hearts.

He was only in my life for just under 5 years after marrying my mother in the month of July in 2010, not long after I set foot on British soil. And during those few short years that he was with us, he made certain to ensure all of us were made to feel loved equally without judgement.

I’m slightly surprised (or maybe I shouldn’t be) that writing this short introduction piece to the simple poem I wrote would still bring up such raw feelings of loss. As I write this, a song plays in the background. A song written and sung by my Lou Dao (a cantonese term, meaning Father, which we settled on because me and my wife felt that ‘stepfather’ was too ‘cold’ a term and we wanted to show that we had truly treated him as our father) about his own desire to be closer with God.

This write up has probably been delayed by at least a week now as I’ve been wanting to get my thoughts and feelings down ever since the tragic news reached me and my family in London. After rushing back to Malaysia to see through the wake, the funeral, and the scattering of the ashes, I now find myself in a new kind of normal. It’s tempting to continue living in ignorance but the stark reality is that nothing is normal anymore. There is a new living environment which I will have to adjust to.

Before I go on any further though, here’s the poem I wrote during the evening of the last wake session:

Poem: A farewell to Lou Dao

The stars shine bright tonight,
Though we’ve just lost a shining light.
A man of principle, in word and deed,
A man who moves mountains when we need.

Sorely missed he is from far and near,
And though we now shed many a tear,
For a man, a husband, a father, and grandfather most dear,
We shall meet again, some day, some year

(C) 2015 Johnathan Sia 

Raw feelings

I suppose the raw feelings I feel right now are due to the ‘realness’ of it all. As I write this out, I’m forced to confront the fact that the house would be that little bit quieter. That my mother has lost a great love of her life – one who obviously gave her great joy and who obviously loved and doted over her. The dogs lost a loving owner and trainer. My mother’s brother’s and sisters lost a loving in-law. And me and my sister’s families have lost a loving Lou Dao.

The sudden nature of the parting is probably what hurts most and I’m very glad we took every effort to get to know and be close to our Lou Dao despite the relatively short period of time we got to know him for.

Have to take a break here to recompose myself. I’ll like work on writing out another part to this as a follow up of sorts.

Poem: One for fathers

A poem I wrote for fathers and those that play a father role in families. #fathersday

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One for fathers

Arms that cradle
that cuddle,
that tickle,
And arms that wipe up dribble.

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Love is a many splendoured thing

Love is a many splendoured thing,

Or so the lyrics go,

Two lovers found time stood still,

and their hearts embraced to sing,


Love is a many splendoured thing,

Whoever thought this could be?

Through the misery of civilisation

And the desolation of humanity.


Love sprung through hardened hearts,

Blackened souls laid bare,

Healing open wounds and lasting sores,

Tearing bitterness’s veil apart.


A garment of hope now encloaks,

Those lovers two who stood true,

Standing in defiance with strength anew,

From bonds of love surpassing even the mighty oak.


(C) Johnathan Sia

This is probably my darkest poem to date…

Poem I wrote to my wife to suprise her on our wedding day

Though I
2007 (C) Johnathan Sia

Though I know not how long I have you,
Or how long you’ll you’ll look the way you do,
Through all life’s uncertainties,
And all life’s fragilities,
My heart remains ever true,
Though age may your features transform,
Forever they’ll remain etched on the canvass of my mind,
All this is true.

Though seasons of adversity I may face,
Though the seas of fortune ebb,
Though you may always think that I might want someone else,
That someone else will always be you.

A single tear forms in my eye,
And what begins as a gentle flow,
Becomes a running stream as I begin to see,
What my heart has been telling me from day one til now,

Though wail and scream at me you may,
Through bouts of trials and tribulations,
Though richer or poorer,
Through good times, through bad times,
Through sickness, through health,
Throughout the heartbeats of our lives,
My heart will remain ever true.

Ode to lethargy

Lazy – Calvin & Hobbes

Written in February of 2008 when I was having a REALLY unproductive day at the office.

Ode to lethargyLazy - Calvin & Hobbes

Oh tired my bones be!

Oh tired my muscles be!

Oh sluggish my brain be!

Oh is it the best I can be?

Or I could build a tower,

And watch it fall to the ground.

Or I could stare into space,

And have my hand hit my face,

Or I could break into song,

And smash a window or two.

Oh how slothful a sluggards life can be!

(c) 2008. Johnathan Sia