Poem: Though I

Though I
2007 (C) Johnathan Sia

Though I know not how long I have you,
Or how long you’ll you’ll look the way you do,
Through all life’s uncertainties,
And all life’s fragilities,
My heart remains ever true,
Though age may your features transform,
Forever they’ll remain etched on the canvass of my mind,
All this is true.

Though seasons of adversity I may face,
Though the seas of fortune ebb,
Though you may always think that I might want someone else,
That someone else will always be you.

A single tear forms in my eye,
And what begins as a gentle flow,
Becomes a running stream as I begin to see,
What my heart has been telling me from day one til now,

Though wail and scream at me you may,
Through bouts of trials and tribulations,
Though richer or poorer,
Through good times, through bad times,
Through sickness, through health,
Throughout the heartbeats of our lives,
My heart will remain ever true.


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