Beauty and the Beast – a tale that inspires

Beauty and the Beast – a tale that inspires

There are tales within movies to be written, tales of the feelings they stir.

A seed planted.
An idea whispered.
An ideal put forth.

Each movie weaves a tale of it’s own through the work of scriptwriters, and honed again by the rest of the movie’s crew. There are films you watch through your life where they hold in you and either reinforce your beliefs, giving you firmer ground to stand on, or place ideas and principles in you.

One such movie for me was School Ties, a little known film starring Brandon Fraser and Matt Damon. A film about friendship. And how racism can tear apart bonds of friendship that were in fact the threads of acquaintance.

Now, that the fairly longish preamble is done, on to the rest of the piece. It was a fairly long one but I promise to get to the point. Beauty and the Beast. A film I watched in my childhood at the age of 12 but never held a place in my heart like The Little Mermaid.

This 2017 effort was a new experience for me and I find it easier relating to its characters now that I’ve aged a little, even, grown a little. The whimsical fancy that brought such joy through its music now takes on a new tinge through its characters and motivations.

Growing up as a bookworm, I’ve related strongly to Belle and the idea of being given an entire library as a gift would have been one of immeasurable value though there are analogies that may conjure up a suitable image. The image would be different for each of you reading this though – for it has to be something you deeply treasure personally. And each of us is different in what we value.

I value ideas. And I love films with heroic themes because they inspire more ideas. More ideals even. That strength of purpose is strongest when tempered with wisdom and honed with gentleness. Once you pair that with a clear vision, a single-minded goal to achieve – you get something quite unstoppable.

I’ve long been drawn to motivational themes in stories. They resonate in me long after the closing theme fades away. Sometimes, that tiny spark is all that’s needed to drive action.

Sitting here in front of my computer typing in these thoughts, I feel alive. Where words are tumbling out in droves and even being written in my head during the movie. This. This is what drives me – the composing of words wrapped together in a semblance of a tale, a poem, a thought.

Who would read this? My friends perhaps. Maybe even some acquaintances or connections. People who have passed by me in life or in cyberspace. Either way, I hope a sentence here or even just a word sparks something in you to do something positive. Something that makes a difference in your life or another’s.

I’m not sure if this would end up being a series of thoughts written out after each movie I watch but I know I write best from the heart. And that’s always at it’s most open at the end of a film.

For every film, no matter how poorly it may have been set up, has a story to tell.


That’s Why God Made The Radio – Track by track sample impressions

They’re playing to raving crowds all over America at this moment and I’m really really looking forward to when I get to see them in Berlin.

Only just over two months before that day rolls around and just over two weeks before the hotly anticipated Beach Boys 50th anniversary reunion album, That’s Why God Made the Radio, gets released to the general UK public on 4 June 2012.

Count our blessings

We shouldn’t be so blessed. Brian Wilson has been through so much in his career and battled against schizophrenia, obesity, and drugs, and yet today, he’s enjoying a new lease of life. He’s reconciled with his daughters Carnie and Wendy (of Wilson Phillips fame) and he has four children from his marriage to Melinda Wilson.

In 2000, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and in 2005, he (finally) won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow

The reunion

In 2011, some rumours started circulating that the Beach Boys were going to get back together again. After being disappointed  over the years about the prospect of a Beach Boys reunion, I daren’t believe it was true until it was 100% confirmed. After all, they were hinting at a reunion after the travesty that was Summer in Paradise and again after the (even worse) Stars and Stripes album.

I was so stoked when this reunion turned out to be true. And even better, that they were going on a worldwide tour and the album was going to be released in June! Unfortunately, their world tour doesn’t look like it’ll pass through the UK – but at least they’re playing in Europe. I’ve entered into a prize draw done by Amazon UK to win tickets for the Beach Boys concert in Rome and it will be truly wonderful if I win that. If I don’t though, life will still go on and I’ve been sufficiently blessed over the years already.

Now, on to my impressions of the (sample) tracks on the new album, That’s Why God Made The Radio

No, I did not get blessed with an early advance copy. What I’m doing is giving my impressions of the album, based solely on the 30 second (or less) snippets that Amazon UK allows me to hear when I preview the album. First, the track listing according to Amazon.

  1. Think About The Days
  2. That’s Why God Made The Radio
  3. Isn’t It Time
  4. Spring Vacation
  5. The Private Life of Bill and Sue
  6. Shelter
  7. Daybreak Over The Ocean
  8. Beaches In Mind
  9. Strange World
  10. From There And Back Again
  11. Pacific Coast Highway
  12. Summer’s Gone

That’s Why God Made The Radio is the first single off the new album and while it hasn’t cracked the Top 100 Mp3 songs list yet, at time of writing it’s #7 in MP3 Downloads > MP3 Songs > Rock.

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