Day twelve of my temporary PC-less existence (Am PC-less no more!)

Today, I finally received my warranty replacement for my busted Antec Truepower 650w modular PSU. Sadly, since that was discontinued, I had to be given a different PSU as a replacement. Scan said it was a direct replacement but it’s only partly so since my previous PSU was modular but this wasn’t.

Well, beggars can’t be choosers and from what I managed to dig up on this particular PSU on Google, it’s a pretty good and reliable one. And on the brighter side, I’ve now got a Cooler Master PSU to match with my Cooler Master Elite 330 case (Not that it’s important to do so though…).

The only problem? I received the PSU on the same day as a football day… which meant that along with my regular football stuff, I had to lug this heavy PSU to footy, and back home. Not great for my shoulders…

Putting the pieces back together again
Now that I had received the PSU, it was time to fit my PC back together again – now I was finally successful since I’m typing out this blog post via my PC, but it did take awhile since I had only fitted in a PSU once before when I built my PC. After I was done, I looked at the clock – it took me just over two hours to fit in my new PSU and connect all the wires properly again.

Mistake #1:
I plugged in the power cable to the CPU power source the wrong way. So I spent nearly an hour trying to figure out what was wrong. For a brief moment too I thought that I had been handed a dud PSU coz when I tried turning on the PC to test the PSU, nothing happened. Well, nothing apart from one of my four motherboard LEDs blinking once for the briefest of moments.

Checking online to see whether other people had a similar problem, I found that the common problem was a dead PSU. So, trying to keep calm, I read through the manual again, slowly this time. It dawned on me that I needed to plug the power cable in a specific direction (that was obviously different from how I was plugging it in before…). Once I had that twigged, I tried the power switch again and this time, my PC roared to life. Which was right when Mistake #2 happened.

Mistake #2:
My PC fired up to life – momentarily. Even though the fans spun, my PC beeped a strange series of beeps and I didn’t hear my HDD activate. So I plugged in my monitors to try to find out what error message would pop up. Nothing. Nada. My monitor wasn’t receiving nothing from my PC. Figuring this should be a graphic card issue I looked around from the original box to grab the manual from and started reading.

The quick installation guide soon sorted me out – I had mistakenly only plugged in one PCI-e Connector to my XFX HD4890. I needed two connectors to it. So, plugging in both PCI-e Connectors to the graphics card, I crossed my fingers, and fired up my PC again.

This time, my PC roared to life in a more sedate manner, and pretty soon I had Windows 7 loading up and the joyous sight of my desktop soon greeted me (yeah, kinda lame…).

So, yeah, I’ve got my PC back again 😉

This certainly makes the missus happy as she’s been struggling for awhile with the hundreds upon hundreds of photos she wanted to upload and edit. There’s no way we could use the iPad or the tiny underpowered Fujitsu Lifebook U1010 to do this so all she could do was wait for the PSU to return and wait for me to set up my PC once again.

Happy days 😉


Day four of my temporary PC-less existence

Image representing Swype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Today, I’m trying out a new method of blogging. Using the desktop view to type out the post as opposed to the Android and iOS apps i was using over the past few days. Already I’ve hit a few snags.

I first tried using the iPad for this task but it seems that the writing area was designed in flash. I tried all the New Post options available but they were all no go for the iPad. My Samsung Galaxy S2 was marginally better in the sense that typing out the post works but for some reason, the site lags and for every letter i type, it takes about one to two seconds before it actually registers. And Swype doesn’t work at all… pretty strange- I take that back. I’ve had problems when trying to go back and editing bits of what I’ve typed out.

I may just quickly choose to abandon this.

Right. I’ve abandoned the previous method of using the website to type out this post. It was too clunky and didn’t allow for correction of mistakes. Now I’m back to my favoured method of typing, using Swype. 🙂

Slow TV day
I know it’s midweek because the programmes on telly are shite. Apart from reruns of the consistently brilliant Big Bang Theory and the interesting Hidden Talent programme, there just aren’t great programmes around.

Having said that, my mrs has been watching Sex, Lies, And Rinsing Guys with morbid fascination. One segment of the programme where a guy paid one of the gals to verbally abuse him for six minutes reminded me of the last segments Monty Python‘s Argument Clinic sketch when Michael Palin walked into the room for abuse.

The gals all strike me as very selfish and it’s quite reeling that none of them seems to be in a stable family. They’ve all been very hurt in the past and suffered financial or emotional loss and what they’re doing feels like they’re trying to put a bandage over a bleeding wound. Then again, the guys aren’t exactly wise about their money either. Probably have more money than sense or been badly rejected inn the past and are suffering from very low self esteem in their relations with women.

Facebook notification received
Hmmm, just received a notification on my iPad that one of my mates has posted about Diablo 3. Tempted to pick it up but there’s no PC to play it with. Gah.

Oooh, just noticed that the Beach Boys have posted in their Facebook account and encouraged fans to check out the samples of tracks from the album. Goodbye! Time to dose myself in harmonies….

Day three of my temporary PC-less existence


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

Update: I’ve gone into the desktop version of WordPress and inserted images and links as well as improving the tags for this post.

Day three sees me lounging at home in front of the telly instead and using my Samsung galaxy s2 to indulge in my other favourite pastime – scouring HotUKdeals for useful freebies or fun deals to comment on.

After a couple of days of blogging via my SGS2 and the iPad I’ve found that the interface is still clunky. The desktop version is far more fully featured and I’ve linked my WordPress to zemanta to get related links and images quickly.

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Day one of my temporary PC-less existence

Vantec ioN2+N 600W power supply unit

Vantec ioN2+N 600W power supply unit (Photo credit: mikkelz)

I’ve have had to mail out my computer’s power supply unit (PSU) today (an Antec Truepower 650w) for a warranty claim after my nervous system couldn’t withstand listening to out-of-alignment fan blades knock against the metal casing any longer.

I’ve had visions of my PSU fan failing to work, leading to overheating and taking it the rest of my PC along with it on it’s trip to the grave.

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