Likely (fake) Kuala Lumpur branding discussion

Likely (fake) Kuala Lumpur branding discussion

DBKL: We want to show the old charms of KL.

Design firm: Ok. There’s a great font for that.

DBKL: But we also want to show the new

Design firm: Boleh. Can do contrasting fonts.

DBKL: And we also want to show off our asianness

Design firm: Boleh boleh. There’s a font for that too.

DBKL: Bagus

[Design work completed, approved, and released to the public]

Rakyat: Oo

Danger of trusting too much in web hype

Gamasutra – News – GamePlan: MadWorld Demonstrates Tenuous Link Between Web Hype And Sales

MadWorld VariousSee More MadWorld Various at

Always figured there was wayyyy too much emphasis on the net on web hype… Marketers need to be careful with web hype and the amount of audience interest on dedicated gaming websites.

The best example of the danger of too much emphasis on web hype is the Wii. Remember the internet firestorm that happened when the name was announced? Detractors far and wide said that it was the sign of Nintendo giving up the console war and laying down to die. Nobody had anything good to say about the name and parodies ranged from the mildly insulting to borderline slander.

What happened when the Wii finally launched? The people on the street who rarely participate in forums and use the net to get their news picked up on the Wii. They probably never heard a thing about how the name sucked and how the Wii would be buried under the ‘might’ of PS3’s processing power. Today, the Wii is set to be the all-time best selling console… funny how the net works sometimes…

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